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Domestic Partnership Benefits? They are after those too.

Domestic Partnership Benefits? They are after those too.

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Fri Nov 21, 2008 at 14:20:48 PM EST

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We knew it was coming. DAVID_CATON_mid.jpgIt was only a matter of time until the backers of Florida's Amendment 2 proved exactly how dishonest they were during their lie-filled campaign and went after domestic partnership benefits in Florida- despite saying it would have "no effect on benefits" and it was "only about one thing- marriage."

David Caton, executive director of the Florida Family Association (one of the groups backing Amendment 2), says he will push for a change to the Hillsborough County Charter in 2010 to preemptively ban same-sex benefits for county employees. That's right, banning benefits. This is exactly what we warned would happen and they swore wouldn't.

Isn't lying a sin, Caton? I guess you're just glossing over that part of the Ten Commandments...

Princeton creativity

Securlarism: The Route To Prosperity And Low Crime

Zuckerman via JMG:

Over on Huffington Post, Phil Zuckerman makes an interesting comparison between very religious nations and relatively secular ones in respect to the Christiantists' claim that God smites heathen nations.

From Slate: The Great Coffee Debate

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These from Steven taken @ ATL

Blackmail and Threats From the Right

Blackmail and Threats From the Right Courtesy of Signorile
Maggie Ghallager and her ilk have the gall to accuse us of blackmailing and harassing Yes on 8 supporters by boycotting their businesses, suddenly casting themselves as victims. Not only, as many have pointed out, did the Yes on 8 people publish the names of No on 8 supporters, but people like Ghallager (Bill O'Reilly, who jumped into this) and the rest of the right-wing back have boycotted everything from the country of France to department stores that say won't put the word "Christmas" in their holiday displays.Now comes the latest: They are threatening the judges of the California Supreme Court if they rescind Prop 8. They're welcoming the court's decision -- as long as it the decision they want.

The Truth About Phyllis Burgess

There's more to the story of Phylliss Burgess, 69, the "Styrofoam Cross Lady" that is currently the darling of Christianist websites after her cross was ripped from her hands and stomped during a Prop 8 rally in Palm Springs. If you buy the story being told on right-wing sites, Burgesss is a frail, elderly, innocent victim of "gay fascists."

From Rick Jacobs, Chair of the Courage Campaign:

"Because we fully expect to prevail in court, we expect that, at some point, we will need to defeat a ballot proposal by advocates of same-sex marriage. Our opponents have threatened such a proposal as early as 2010. We are already beginning the planning process to lay the groundwork to defeat a future proposed initiative that would legalize gay marriage." -- Ron Prentice, Chairman, "Yes on Proposition 8" campaign

This not a threat, Mr. Prentice. It's a promise.

That's why 295,230 people have signed the pledge to repeal Prop 8, launched by the Courage Campaign and joined by CREDO Mobile and MoveOn. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands are marching and organizing in cities across America to restore marriage equality to California.
Because of this unprecedented Marriage Equality Movement, Ron Prentice -- and his religious right-wing "prayer warriors" -- are now on defense in a two-front electoral and judicial war that will eventually determine the fate of Prop 8.

Right now, gay and lesbian advocacy organizations like NCLR, Lambda Legal, and the ACLU are waging a critical legal battle to invalidate Prop 8 in court.

On a parallel path, the Courage Campaign is launching a people-powered campaign to support the nearly 300,000 citizens calling for the repeal of Prop 8 by 2010.

Will you put your financial power behind the repeal of Prop 8 today? Inspired by Barack Obama's grassroots campaign for change, this new marriage equality campaign will be driven by you, neighbor-to-neighbor, across California.

President-elect Obama's campaign empowered millions of Americans to engage their friends, family and neighbors in meaningful discussions about the future of our country, in every state in America.

And, with your support, that's exactly what we want to do for marriage equality in every county in California. We will work with the LGBT community and our other partners -- such as MoveOn, CREDO, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference -- to conduct an innovative community-based campaign to change the conversation about marriage equality in California.

When this battle is engaged again, we know Ron Prentice and his right-wing crusaders will spend millions of dollars to scare Californians with deceptive and emotionally-charged TV ads.
But this time, the defenders of marriage equality -- straight and gay alike -- will be organizing in their communities to persuade their friends and family that separate is NOT equal, and it's definitely not American.

And, this time, we will win.

Thank you for everything you are doing to change California and the country.
Rick JacobsChair

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NO on Prop 8 Campaign Condemns Threats

For Immediate Release November 14, 2008
NO on Prop 8 Campaign Condemns Threats

“The NO on Prop 8 campaign condemns any sort of threats or vandalism. We understand people are rightfully outraged by the passage of Prop 8. However, we call upon everyone, including Prop 8 supporters who have made serious threats to Prop 8 opponents throughout the state, to express themselves through the correct processes.

“The NO on 8 campaign was about civil rights and seeking equality for all Californians. We have said time and again that the Mormon Church deserves the same respect as any other religion. Sadly, the Mormon Church contributed about $20 million (totaling more than 50 percent of the donations received by the Prop 8 campaign) to impose their views of what marriage should be. Consequently, the proponents of Prop 8 ran a wildly deceptive campaign that used fear and scare tactics, such as exploiting children in television ads, to encourage voters to support eliminating a fundamental right from same-sex couples.”

-Ali Bay, NO on Prop 8 campaign spokesperson


Today's California Supreme Court Decision

If you haven't heard yet, the California Supreme Court has agreed to hear the lawsuits, the legal challenges, to Proposition 8 and to decide the legality, the constitutionality, of the proposition:

Download the Court's decision:



Margaret Cho will be here Saturday!
Margaret Cho will be emceeing the Unity in Diversity - Equality for All Rally this Saturday, November 22nd at the Capitol. The rally will take place on the west side of the Capitol, near 10th ST and the Capitol Mall, beginning at 2:00 PM.

California Supreme Court Grants Review in Prop 8 Legal Challenges

California Supreme Court Grants Review in Prop 8 Legal Challenges
Court to Determine Constitutionality of Prop 8

Today the California Supreme Court granted review in the legal challenges to Proposition 8, which passed by a narrow margin of 52 percent on November 4. In an order issued today, the Court agreed to hear the case and set an expedited briefing schedule. The Court also denied an immediate stay.
On November 5, 2008, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of Proposition 8 in the California Supreme Court on behalf of six couples and Equality California. The City of San Francisco, joined by the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, and Santa Clara County, filed a similar challenge, as did a private attorney in Los Angeles.
The lawsuits allege that, on its face, Proposition 8 is an improper revision rather than an amendment of the California Constitution because, in its very title, which was “Eliminates the right to marry for same-sex couples,” the initiative eliminated an existing right only for a targeted minority. If permitted to stand, Proposition 8 would be the first time an initiative has successfully been used to change the California Constitution to take way an existing right only for a particular group. Such a change would defeat the very purpose of a constitution and fundamentally alter the role of the courts in protecting minority rights. According to the California Constitution, such a serious revision of our state Constitution cannot be enacted through a simple majority vote, but must first be approved by two-thirds of the Legislature.
Since the three lawsuits submitted on November 5, three other lawsuits challenging Proposition 8 have been filed. In a petition filed on November 14, 2008, leading African American, Latino, and Asian American groups argued that Proposition 8 threatens the equal protection rights of all Californians.
On November 17, 2008, the California Council of Churches and other religious leaders and faith organizations representing millions of members statewide, also filed a petition asserting that Proposition 8 poses a severe threat to the guarantee of equal protection for all, and was not enacted through the constitutionally required process for such a dramatic change to the California Constitution. On the same day, prominent California women’s rights organizations filed a petition asking the Court to invalidate Proposition 8 because of its potentially disastrous implications for women and other groups that face discrimination.
In May of 2008, the California Supreme Court held that barring same-sex couples from marriage violates the equal protection clause of the California Constitution and violates the fundamental right to marry. Proposition 8 would completely eliminate the right to marry only for same-sex couples. No other initiative has ever successfully changed the California Constitution to take away a right only from a targeted minority group.
Over the past 100 years, the California Supreme Court has heard nine cases challenging either legislative enactments or initiatives as invalid revisions of the California Constitution. In three of those cases, the Court invalidated those measures.

Coming once again to a beach near you... thanks Clo!

This is wonderfully outrageous!

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