Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today, we received truly great news...

Today we went over to the Brazilian Consulate to register our marriage certificate. We were informed that under -- Resolução Normativa no. 27 de 15/11/1998 -- Milton has the right to sponsor me for a Permanent Visa, just like any other married couple. This is a right that GLBT people in the Unites States do not have. So the first step is to register our marriage document at the consulate, which we did today, and it will be ready for me to pick up next week. Then I will need a full FBI finger print and check sent to the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and confirmed by them to include in our file. Then we will need all our documents (marriage certificate included) translated in Brasil, and then we can apply for my visa... after Milton swears in front of the appropriate official that he will protect me, take care of me financially, and he will have to declare that he is responsible for my moral conduct in Brasil. This is just amazing.

Now I am even more ashamed of our federal government and this state for its homophobic laws in regards to GLBT relationships, and its lack of protection and respect for GLBT people.

It is a deeply moving to me to have such kind and very sweet people in the Brazilian Consulate, who obviously very happy to help us. Needless to say, we know where we are going for the Xmas holidays this year!

The pictures here are taken from Twin Peaks after a great lunch at Harvey's on Castro Street.

My son Spencer went along for the ride... it was breezy...


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I'm so happy for you both. I guess I'll have to start learning Portugese if I want to visit :)

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A few other responses:

Hey Daniel -

This is wonderful news! I'm very happy to read that Brazil is
supportive of human rights and dignity - truly a great example for the
US, if only we could be so progressive.

Sending my best wishes from Berkeley,

- Charlie

Hi Guys,

Parabens. Zezé and I send you our very best. We were married
twice--Brasil and the US. But registering our US marriage here was one bib
bureaucratic mess that took two years and money.
So it looks like you guys may have short circuited the system. Abraços,

Wow, that is great news. Although poor Milton will be saddled with
responsibility for your behavior. I suppose he is used to that by now. Dan

Congratualations...It´s amazing and it make me feel so proud about my country.
saudades, bjos.

HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!

oreydc said...

Realmente são grandes noticias! Parabens! E agora, ja pode morar no Brasil?
bjs Vic

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