Saturday, March 6, 2010

Robertson: God Angry at Chile

As we always do when a major natural disaster hits, we turn to Pat Robertson to tell us what the tectonic plates -- err, I mean God -- were thinking. And wouldn't you know it, God is mad at Chile for not allowing Pinochet to keep killing people there:
Citing what he described as the "the persecution of a great hero who rid their land of Godless communists" as a possible cause, prominent TV evangelist and amateur seismologist Pat Robertson today argued that the 8.8 magnitude of the earthquake that struck Chile early this morning should serve as a warning to the population that "God is even angrier with them than he is with the people of Haiti."

Ghostbusters The Music Video

From JMG: Today In Global Warming

Methane worries, it's not just about cows anymore.
Huge quantities of methane below the Arctic seabed are showing signs of destabilising, according to research conducted in the East Siberian Sea. Scientists aboard Russian icebreakers have discovered that methane is leaking from the sub-sea permafrost far faster than had been previously estimated, raising concerns that climatic tipping points may have been reached. As a greenhouse gas, methane is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide but emissions from subsea permafrost are not included in climate change prediction models. “The sub-sea permafrost should act as a cap or seal, preventing leakage,” Natalia Shakhova, of the University of Alaska, told The Times. “Beneath it there is methane that has accumulated at high pressure. But the permafrost is losing its ability to be an impermeable cap.”

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With Avatar Poised to Win Big at the Oscars, James Cameron Should Help Some Na’vi Right Here on Earth

Francesca Fiorentini, The Indypendent: "With the Oscars upon us, many eyes will be on James Cameron and his sci-fi digital adventure, Avatar, which has already grossed $2.5 billion worldwide. It will win best special effects and may win for best director, best film, and six other awards for which it is nominated. But amid the clever jokes from lovable entertainers, the behind the scenes look at its making, the armfuls of awards and lists of people to thank, the actual message of the film may well be lost in the fray. How to preserve it? Put the money made from the blockbuster where it's needed most: into indigenous communities struggling for the conservation of their land and livelihood."

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Michael Moore: President Obama: Replace Rahm with Me

Michael Moore, "Well, you and the Democrats have been in charge now for over a year and not one banking regulation has been reinstated. We don't have universal health care. The war in Afghanistan has escalated. And tens of thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs and be thrown out of their homes. For most of us, it's just simply no longer good enough that Bush is gone. Woo hoo. Bush is gone. Yippee. That hasn't created one new friggin' job."

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Paul Loeb | Cynicism Costs Us

Paul Loeb, Truthout: "With over 100,000 copies in print, my book 'Soul of a Citizen' has inspired thousands of citizens to make their voices heard and actions count--and to stay involved for the long haul. I spent the past year writing a wholly revised new edition, which St Martin's will publish March 30..... I like to think of it as an antidote to the political demoralization, paralysis, and despair that so many people are feeling these days. Here's the first excerpt, adapted from the chapter called 'The Cynical Smirk.'"

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Robert Reich | Bad Job Numbers Make it Harder to Pass Health Reform

Robert Reich, "The loss of 36,000 jobs in February is better than expected but it's still miserable. 26,000 were lost in January, according to the government's revised figures. And the 'underemployment' rate - including jobless workers who have given up looking for work and part-time workers who want full time jobs — rose from 16.5% in January to 16.8% in February, offsetting some of January's gains."

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Which Way Home has been nominated for an Academy Award® 2010 Oscar® Nominee for "Best Feature Documentary"


Mom arriving with a birthday cake

Quote of the Day

"Elephant trunks should be used for elephant things only. Nothing else."

- via my Doc Student Chris

NOW on PBS: Food, Inc.

Behind the food we love—Secrets that giant food companies don't want you to know.

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It was a huge, sometimes rowdy, turn-out at schools and universities across the nation yesterday March 4 for the Day of Action for Public Education. Participation in actions involving CFA at CSU campuses plus regional actions is estimated at some 35,000 people.

Nationally, the radio news show Democracy Now! estimates hundreds of thousands participated. Check out extensive coverage on its web site as well as at CNN, and other news sites.

Many news clips and posts can be viewed on these and other locations on the web...

• California Faculty Association on Facebook

• Facebook group “Save My Education – March 4, 2010 Rally”

• CFA web site March 4th page


Cal State U. faculty say massive protests over cuts to schools & universities reveal an urgent need for the nation to recommit to funding public education

The March 4th actions in support of public education around California and in 32 other states have fired the imagination of Americans who believe in our public school system.

Here in California, as leaders make decisions about how we will fund education, tens of thousands of ordinary people took to the streets to say loudly and clearly that the time has come for our state to reinvest in public schools and colleges.

The March 4th protests were historic. They were the largest statewide actions for education in memory. Moreover, for the first time in our state, all segments of public education from pre-school through Ph.D are working together to secure our educational system’s future.

For too long, too many of us have taken our public education system for granted. The March 4th Day of Action shows not only that we care very deeply about the future of our schools and colleges, but that tens of thousands of us are willing to do something about it.

The call for actions up and down California on March 4 ignited a national movement. It fired enthusiasm among our colleagues, students and their supporters in Connecticut, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas and elsewhere who have also organized to fight for their public education systems.

Tens of thousands of Americans are deeply concerned that unless we invest in public education, the next generation of students will be shut out of an affordable, accessible and high quality public education.

Now we must build upon the success of March 4th. We have started a movement that can lead this state into the kind of future we all believe in—one that not only invests in public education but achieves social justice. The people have spoken; the time has come for our state and federal leaders to respond and fully fund our public schools, colleges and universities.

From Huffington: Harry Shearer: Attention, Dick Cheney: Don't the Germans Know We're At War?

While the Cheneys continue to hammer away at the accusation that Obama has a terror trial "mindset" problem, another bullet hole has been leveled at their argument by Germany.

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From Huffington: We interviewed Michael Moore on The Young Turks today and he w

We interviewed Michael Moore on The Young Turks today and he was not shy about sharing his opinions. Anyone surprised? He had very strong words for the Democratic Party, the state of our political system and Glenn Beck.

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Illinois Joins in the Fray, Marches for Public Education

Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "At a series of protests to celebrate National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, staff, students and faculty marched at public universities in California, Louisiana, Boston, Wisconsin, New York and Detroit to protest the strain on public education caused by the financial crisis."

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Christopher Hitchens: The New Commandments

From Sacbee: Job growth returns to California

California added 32,500 jobs in January, ending a two-month losing streak and providing hope that the economic recovery has arrived.

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