Sunday, September 16, 2012

Via JMG: CALIFORNIA: Feds Question Anti-Islamic Filmmaker Over Parole Violations

Shortly after midnight yesterday federal authorities questioned anti-Islamic filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula over parole violations he allegedly committed to promote his movie. Nakoula had been imprisoned for bank fraud and his parole stipulates that he may not use computers or the internet. Such stipulations are commonplace for those committed of financial crimes.
Nakoula, 55, was interviewed by federal probation officers for about half an hour at the station shortly after 12 a.m. in his hometown of Cerritos, Calif., said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County sheriff's department. After that, deputies dropped Nakoula off at an undisclosed location. "He is gone. We don't know where he went," Whitmore said. "He said he is not going back to his home." Federal officials are investigating whether Nakoula, who has been convicted of financial crimes, has violated the terms of his five-year probation. If so, a judge could send him back to prison. Nakoula went voluntarily to the station, wearing a coat, hat, scarf and glasses that concealed his appearance. His home has been besieged by media for several days. Whitmore said Nakoula was not handcuffed and the heavy apparel was his idea.
In reaction to Nakoula's questioning the wingnut blogosphere has exploded with claims that President Obama personally ordered him arrested. Because the Muslim Brotherhood demanded it. Breitbart says so.
This is happening in America. While terrorists brutally rape and murder our Libyan ambassador and attack and burn our foreign outposts -- all thanks to a president who disengaged from the region and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood -- here in the United States of America, a filmmaker is being scapegoated and persecuted by our government and our media. What this is about is a president who swore to uphold the Constitution who is now caving to Islamic Law through the de facto criminalization of denigrating Islam. And he's doing it in order to give the media something shiny to play with so they’re not forced to turn their attention (until after the election) towards a failed doctrine and fatal failure to take al-Qaeda seriously.
Multiple Tea Party sites are calling for Obama to resign over Nakoula's questioning. Instapundit is leading the charge.
By sending — literally — brownshirted enforcers to engage in — literally — a midnight knock at the door of a man for the non-crime of embarrassing the President of the United States and his administration, President Obama violated that oath. You can try to pretty this up (It’s just about possible probation violations! Sure.), or make excuses or draw distinctions, but that’s what’s happened. It is a betrayal of his duties as President, and a disgrace.
Piling on the cray-cray, as always, is Twitchy, Gay Patriot, and Ace Of Spades.

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