Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Via JMG: The World Wants Obama

According to a BBC poll conducted in 21 countries, respondents who expressed a preference in the American election chose President Obama over Mitt Romney by a more than 5-1 margin.
The countries with the largest pro-Obama majorities were France (72 percent for Obama, 2 percent for Romney), Nigeria (66 percent for Obama, 11 percent for Romney), Canada (66 percent for Obama, 9 percent for Romney), the UK (65 percent for Obama, 7 percent for Romney) and Australia (67 percent for Obama, 6 percent for Romney). Romney received the most support in Kenya, where he registered an 18 percent approval rating, compared with Obama’s 66 percent. In Poland, Romney was also able to garner a bit more favor, with 16 percent supporting the Republican, compared to Obama’s 34 percent. Both candidates received relatively low scores in Pakistan, China, Malaysia and Japan. Pakistan was the only country where more respondents wanted to see Romney elected.
The Washington Post has a bar graph by country.

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