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Via JMG: Airport Wheelchair Fakery On The Rise

The New York Times notes that as airport security waits have lengthened, the number of people pretending to need airline-supplied wheelchairs seems to have risen as travelers realize that they'll get pushed to the head of the line.
Sometimes the fraud happens in plain sight: a customer waiting in line will suddenly request a chair after seeing one whiz through security, said Evelyn Danquah, a wheelchair pusher for Delta Air Lines. The more dramatic will suddenly start walking with a limp. “When they see that the line is so long,” she said, “they just ask for a wheelchair.” Ms. Danquah said their recoveries can happen just as quickly: almost as soon as security is cleared, some stand up and walk off. At first it shocked her, she said, but she explained that now she was used to it. Dubinder Kaur, another wheelchair attendant for Delta, agreed: “They say, ‘Ma’am, I feel better — I can go by myself.'" As security checks have become increasingly stringent, the number of people exploiting the loophole seems to have risen, said Peter Greenberg, the travel editor for CBS News and the author of a dozen books on travel. He said it was common to see departure gates full of wheelchairs, especially in places like Palm Beach, where populations are older. Once the plane has taxied to the gate in Florida, however, many supposedly injured passengers exit on foot. The ends-justify-the-means approach may work, Mr. Greenberg said, but to his mind fakers pay another price. “I’m a big believer in karma,” he said. “You don’t put on a dress when the Titanic is going down so you can get in the first lifeboat.”
The above-linked story observes that the scam is helped along by the chair-pushers who rely on tips. Flight attendants who work the most faker-laden routes call them "miracle flights" because of all that mid-air healing.

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Via JMG: Nate Silver's Electoral Update


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JMG Headline Of The Day

The September jobless rate is out and the news is good for the president.
The nation's unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it has been since early in 2009 in September, providing a potential upbeat talking point for President Barack Obama in the days left before the presidential election. The Labor Department reported Friday that the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent in September, a decline of 0.3 percentage point and the lowest since January 2009. It was the first time the jobless rate has fallen below 8 percent in almost four years. The government said the economy created 114,000 jobs, about as expected, and generated 86,000 more jobs in July and August than first estimated.
Some right-wing sites are already screaming that the numbers have been faked. Others point out correctly that the increase in jobs does not match the rise in population.

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Mitt Romney Isn't Telling the Truth

George Takei: "We've got to be actively involved in the electoral process."

4o Congresso Brasileiro de Etnomatemática (CBEm4)

É com grande satisfação que anunciamos o site do 4o Congresso Brasileiro de Etnomatemática (CBEm4) - sob a organização da Associação Brasileira de Etnomatemática e do Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Educação Matemática e Cultura Amazônica - o qual será sediado pela Universidade Federal do Pará, por meio do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação em Ciências e Matemáticas. O evento ocorrerá entre os dias 13 e 17 de Novembro de 2012. O CBEm é um evento quadrienal, realizado pela primeira vez em 2000 na cidade de São Paulo-SP (USP) e reeditado em 2004 na cidade de Natal-RN (UFRN), em 2008 na cidade de Niterói-RJ (UFF) e agora, no norte do país ocorrerá em Belém (UFPA) sob o tema "Cultura, Educação Matemática e Escola". A programação contará com renomados pesquisadores do Brasil e convidados de outros países como Austrália, Dinamarca e Colômbia. Estamos na fase de conclusão dessa programação e em breve ela será melhor detalhada no site do evento: www.cbem4.ufpa.brSerá um prazer recebermos colegas estudantes, professores, pesquisadores da área e demais interessados nesse campo de discussão acadêmico-científica.

Saudações com sabor de açaí e cheiro-do-pará!
Profa. Isabel Lucena - Coorda. Geral do CBEm4
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