Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Point for Jung: Its a Mall World!

As anyone who knows me knows, I absolutely HATE, DESTEST and I avoid shopping malls if I can. I like walking down real streets, and walking into real stores, and talk to real people, that do not look like they stepped out of a Disney film.

So it was strange as last night I had a some odd dreams, of meeting colleagues in a shopping mall, and the conversation (in the dream in Portuguese... yay!) all revolved around how there was a new mall opening and that we all had to go there (me trying not to be too zangado - annoying and grumpy -  glumly dragged along to see it). So it came to a surprise that as part of my Saturday morning ritual to lay in bed late and listen to public radio from the states on my tablet the first thing  heard when I tuned in was this and to my great surprise this was the first thing that I heard on WNYC:

Since we were awoken by a pounding rainstorm (pancada), so it was especially fine to sleep in, listening to radio as the rain pounded outside.

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