Monday, December 15, 2014

Via Robert Reich / FB:

A political alliance among the bottom 99 percent to un-rig the economy and make it work for most is being hobbled by four major divide-and-conquer strategies:

1. Convince the white working class it’s falling behind because African Americans are taking their tax dollars for welfare.

2. Convince the middle and working class that immigrants, especially undocumented ones, are taking their jobs.

3. Convince African-Americans their biggest problem is the brutality of white police officers.

4. Convince socially-conservative Americans that the proponents of gay marriage, abortion, and gun control are destroying the country.

The way to overcome these divide-and-conquer strategies is to show the bottom 99 percent they’re fighting over a smaller and smaller slice of a pie that’s going mainly to the top; reveal to poor Americans that economic conditions lie at the root of many of their social problems; and show conservative Americans how the right is using the social agenda to distract them from this larger reality.

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