Saturday, January 17, 2015

Obama Skyrockets As More Americans Approve Than Disapprove Of The President


President Obama’s job approval rating continues to skyrocket as a new Gallup poll has found that more Americans approve than disapprove to the president.

According to the Gallup Daily Tracking poll, President Obama’s job approval rating is a net (+1) as 48% of Americans approve of the job that the president is doing while 47% disapprove. The most recent result is the first time since September 2013 that the president’s Gallup job approval rating has been higher than his disapproval rating. The president’s approval rating has been on a steady rise over the past month. It is clear that the perception of the president’s job performance is changing.

Here is Obama’s approval trendline via Gallup:


The Gallup data is backed up by a recent CBS News poll that showed the president’s job approval rating surging to a twelve month high, and back on even ground at 46%-46%. President Obama’s approval also reached a 20 month high in the latest CNN/ORC poll.

The momentum has become undeniable. President Obama is the rare second term president who is gaining in popularity. Obama’s approval rating turnaround makes a lot of sense because unlike most presidents: Barack Obama inherited an economic crisis when he came into office. As the economy has improved, the president’s job approval rating has improved. With gas prices plunging at a record pace, the American people see tangible signs that the economy has improved. Hiring is up, gas prices are down, and President Obama is getting the credit. 

Republicans, who were hoping for Obama fatigue before the 2016 election are getting the exact opposite as the President has acted on his own to remind millions of people why they voted twice for him. Republicans may have taken the majority in Congress, but it is President Obama who is on the rise.

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