Friday, October 23, 2015

Feel the Bern!

A presidential campaign should be about the issues. Bernie's been right on the issues early and often.1962: As the Civil Rights Movement grew, Bernie led a sit-in to desegregate off-campus student housing at the University of Chicago1983: In the midst of public vitriol against gay rights, Bernie endorsed the first Gay Pride Day in Burlington, Vermont, calling it a civil rights issue1991: In his first term in Congress, Bernie voted to oppose the federal death penalty, and has opposed the death penalty his whole career1993: President Clinton promised hundreds of thousands of new jobs from NAFTA, but Bernie voted to protect American jobs by opposing the trade agreement.1996: Bernie voted against the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act in order to stand up for legal rights of LGBT Americans.1999: While Congress rushed to deregulate Wall Street, promising new wealth for the country, Bernie opposed the effort, correctly predicting that it would lead to further concentration of power in our country2001: Bernie opposed the Patriot Act in spite of an overwhelming majority in favor of passing the bill that reduced civil liberties.2003: While President Bush and Congress rushed the country to war with Iraq, Bernie Sanders opposed the war, saying it would result in anti-Americanism, instability, and more terrorismAnd Bernie has always stood up for working families against the interests of the wealthy. We need a president who is right on the issues, not just now, but throughout their career.We want to know which issues you care about. Tell us what matters to you. Take our survey. Click here
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