Monday, March 21, 2016

What If There Were Only 100 People On Earth?

From Core77 blog, Wednesday, March 16, 2016. See
What If There Were Only 100 People On Earth?

Video infographic demonstrates global statistics in an easily graspable way

By Rain Noe

It's tough to wrap your head around 7.125 billion of anything, let alone human beings. So Gabriel Reilich, GOOD's Head of Video, dove into statistics from the CIA's World Factbook--then crunched the numbers to illustrate what our current situation would look like if there were just 100 people on Earth, rather than 7.125 billion.

To be clear, Rielich's reduced the world's population to 100 people proportionally. He then worked with animator Jake Infusino to demonstrate how things shake out: How many out of that 100 have cell phones, internet, roofs over their heads? What language do most of us speak? What kind of physical shape are most people in? What income bracket do you fall into, relative to the other 99?

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