Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A few last snaps... got up early (after my 4Th shower...) ... checked out took a taxi to the star ferry... road across to Kowloon then another taxi to the airport train ... and am sitting in the airport after having a Jr Whopper and fries... (my apologies to my Nepali Hindu readers but I was really missing a burger... just think... how much you'd miss dal bot!). The taxi driver told me that the tall building is the 2nd tallest in the world... I noticed that this morning it was wreathed in clouds and the hills weren't...

so now the journey closes... as I ready to board the plane to the states... a lot to think about, plenty to be grateful for, most notably my new friends in colleague in Nepal.

hugs to all! next post will be from the other side of Pacific...


Left Kathmandu this morning with a nice goodbye from the guesthouse family, and a grand send off including the traditional flower garland… at the airport by the office guys! Dhanyabad! The plane was on schedule, but left only 20 minutes late… not a problem.

Arrived in Hong Kong, went thru customs, and got the ticket for the train to Hong Kong central station. Took a taxi to the hotel… they of course had never heard of me, but proceeded to give me a luxurious room (by any standard) for less than the reservation… I am complete culture shock – now cows, no goats, everyone lines up patiently and wouldn’t dream of cutting in front – wither traffic or human lines. It is spotless here, there are huge fines for littering, and it seems to work… and plus it is super futuristic… a perfect 14 hour break before house painting begins. It all seems rather surreal and fantastic after mediaeval Kathmandu (which I already miss).

So by then it was 8, and though I wanted to just sit in the bathtub, I went to the mountain tram and rode it to the top to get the amazing picture here of the whole city below. Well worth it, I didn’t make it to the Kowloon ferry by time to come back so… I am content, took a taxi back to the hotel and walked around a bit (they are 3 hrs ahead of Kathmandu so not really sleepy yet), then came to the room and discovered it had a varsity balcony… more pictures.

Enjoy, it is late, I must get up and see some sites before I slog off to the airport tomorrow... maybe I'll just take another hot shower… ahh… this is the life!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tristle trassle trustle trome... time for this one to go home!

Today is my last day in Nepal… it has been good, and even with minor frustrations, I can honestly say, that there has not been a bad day... I say, "try that in Sacramento!"

The highlights for me have been:

- Teaching and working with colleagues at KU
- Everest flight
- Boudha
- treks, and treks and more treks!
- Pokhara
- And just plain getting used to the Kathmandu Valley
Yesterday was the last class with the ethnomathematics lads. I showed them a bit of the website, and am still waiting for more work from them, but what we have is looking good by the minute. See: http://www.csus.edu/indiv/o/oreyd/ku/kumodel.home.htm I was deeply moved by their presentation with me. They talked, and thanked me, and I got a little tilaka (vermillion spot on my 3rd eye as a blessing), then was given the packet to do the same to everyone in the room... it was very sweet. The lads are a very special group, and I will always cherish this time. So today I ma going to give my last talk (at Tribhuvan University) then who knows what… still juggling a few things in my luggage. All is well, and looking forward to the trip home. I want to get to the airport early in hopes of getting a good seat to see the mountains on the way to Hong Kong… wish me luck! And to all of the Nepali readers, thank you so very much for your great kindness, love and hospitality. Your country deserves the bright future you are such shining examples of!

The greatest honor is that they have given to call me now "Orey Kaka" ...which I rather like it means "Uncle Orey"
Be well, keep in touch! Namaste!
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