Thursday, March 19, 2009

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I have noticed that numerous blogs I read have an "About this Blog" or a "Q &A" section. So, in the interests of lending this sad little excuse for a blog, some semblance of legitimacy, I have combined elements of both here.

Question: What is "On Being Notorious...?"
Answer: “On Being Notorious...” is the official blog of Daniel Orey, and is used for an assortment of cathartic and therapeutic purposes, mostly his own.

Q: When did "On Being Notorious ..." begin?
A: It was launched on a truly fine spring day, in Sacramento, The Camellia City, the understated capital city of the great state of California, late in the 21st century, on April 20, 2007. A date, that no doubt will someday be celebrated in hundreds of cities worldwide with fireworks and the waving of gladioli, as my revolver map data certainly suggests.

Q. Why?
A: Because, I can.

Q: What’s up with the funky title?
A: The title of this humble blog, "On Being Notorious..." is inspired by a Poem by Rumi, an ancient Persian mystic and poet. His poem, Contemplate:BEWILDERMENT has long been an inspiration to Daniel. In it Rumi says, “Forget safety. Live where you fear, to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning, long enough. From now on, I'll be mad.” Daniel tends to rag on about a variety of progressive, leftist things such as liberal politics, GLBT issues and Brasil. He mixes all this with a perverse need to share the trivial aspects of his fabulous life.

Q: That’s rather a lot of purposes. Or as a reader Yodelling Llama suggested, "Don’t you think you should think about following Lore Sjöberg’s specialized site advice?"
A: He’s thought about it, and like the folks over at Yodelling Llama, he isn't that interested in maximizing his traffic either. This blog is only a hobby, tho it has taken on aspects of therapy. Themes of maximize traffic, are no doubt related to Daniel's personal issues and a deep-seated need to be heard. But after logging hours of couch time with Bruce his faithful (but stern) therapist he has come to realize that he has nothing really to be “heard” about.

Q: I've noticed that more than a few postings are links to other postings and blogs.
A: That is an excellent observation. I am a firm believer in the words of the famous mathematician, Tom Lehrer, who sang the song “Plagiarize! Plagiarize! Let no one else's evade your eyes!".

Q: Has “On Being Notorious…” ever won any awards?
A: No, people would have to read a blog, before it gets an award.

Q: Can I republish the content I find on “On Being Notorious…”?
A: Maybe. Some of the content, that hasn’t been stolen, plagiarized, or thoughtfully cited that appears on “On Being Notorious…” belongs to Daniel. So ask for permission first. Send all requests to orey [at] csus dot edu

Q: Do you take submissions? Advertisements? Gifts?
A: Yes. Daniel cannot guarantee that anything you send will be used or read by Daniel. As regards, advertisements, just look at the blog, there are no ads. Daniel feels that the far reaching arm of predatory capitalism shall not reach his beloved opus "On Being Notorious..", nay! Never! The world is covered by enough ads, and if this blog might be of service to anyone at all, a dearth of ads is probably the only selling point of this truly sad, if not benign excuse of a blog. Now, gifts... hmm... interesting, why yes! They are very much appreciated, since its difficult to send armloads of gladioli, he appreciates, indeed encourages donations to his collection of unmarked US dollar bills, especially if they have faces of presidents. For the record, he is now collecting bills with Presidents McKinley, Cleveland and Madison.

Q: Don’t you have any hobbies?
A: No, that is why I blog

Q: Sad
A: Indeed.

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Daniel wishes to thank the good people at Yodelling Llama, who's "About" section served as a particular inspiration in this particular exercise in plagiarism.


Chris said...

It's a honor to inspire something. Even if that something, nor the cause for the inspiration, isn't particularly good.

SueB9 said...

So far so good!

Marcie said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I forwarded it on to my mother. We're right on the same page with the health care reform. We shall see many changes in the next decade. ~ Marcie from your spring 2010 Masters program cohort.

Nancy E. Randolph said...

I am honored to have been found worthy (or my issue was found to be worthy) of a place in your blog.

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