Saturday, November 17, 2007

Please join the Courage Campaign

Dianne Feinstein is failing us.

Join over 30,000 people calling for the California Democratic Party to censure the Senator.
The movement is building.


From the grassroots and the netroots to the Courage Campaign and, people across California and the country are taking a stand together to hold Senator Dianne Feinstein accountable.

Please join us in calling for the California Democratic Party to officially censure Senator Feinstein for her shameful votes confirming Judge Michael Mukasey as U.S. Attorney General and Judge Leslie Southwick to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. (A full list of endorsing organizations is below.)

It's time, as MoveOn says in its email supporting the censure, to "send Senator Feinstein a message she can't ignore."

Here is the text of the current censure resolution, authored by California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus co-chair Mal Burnstein and first approved by the Steering Committee of East Bay for Democracy. The following resolution will be submitted to the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party atits meeting November 16-18 in Anaheim.

Please sign your name below to encourage more organizations and clubsto endorse the censure of Senator Feinstein and send a clear messagethat the condoning of torture, racism and homophobia is unacceptable:

Whereas Senator Dianne Feinstein voted to support the nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey as United States Attorney General, thereby elevating to the highest position in law enforcement a man who refused to renounce the right of the President to resort to torture and who refused to recognize waterboarding as a form of torture, and by this action Senator Feinstein failed to oppose President Bush and failed to stand for the ideals of the Democratic Party, which abhors torture and stands firmly against its use by the United States at all times and places; andWhereas Senator Feinstein voted to confirm Judge Leslie Southwick for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit despite his clear record of racism and gender discrimination, thus failing to stand firmly with the Democratic Party, which supports gender equality and opposes racism in any of its manifestations; andWhereas these examples are far from the only instances where Senator Feinstein, after seeking and securing the support and endorsement of the California Democratic Party, has failed to support the policies and principles of our party;Therefore be it resolved that the California Democratic Party expresses its disappointment at, and censure of, Senator Feinstein for ignoring Democratic principles and falling so far below the standard of what we expect of our elected officials.

(For more information on Judge Leslie Southwick, please see People for the American Way.)


Friday, November 16, 2007

KAGUYA (SELENE) Image Taking of Earth-Rise by HDTV

Stunning Fotos of Earth:

Verdant Power helps Build Sustainable Communities around the World

Verdant Power helps Build Sustainable Communities around the World

A renewable energy company, Verdant Power seeks to generate mechanical and electrical power in a cost-effective manner, causing minimal or no ecological impact, and with consideration for social equity.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Watch Our New Global Warming AdThree western governors challenge Congress to cap America's Global Warming Pollution

TAKE ACTION* Watch Our New Global Warming AdThree western governors challenge Congress to cap America'sglobal warming pollution in our new television ad.Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), Brian Schweitzer (D-MT)and Jon Huntsman (R-UT) deliver strong message to Washington.Watch the ad and spread the word:
GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE* Costs of Global Warming InactionOpponents of global warming action frequently cite costs asprohibitively expensive. But how much will it cost us if we donothing?A groundbreaking new report documents the costs of inaction.Read more:

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