Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Deceiving and disenfranchising voters is the real fraud. With dwindling hopes of holding on to power, it's what the Right's resorting to ... and we are doing everything we can to fight back.

People For the American Way is drawing national attention to the issue with a full-page ad running in the New York Times today (Pg. A7) challenging the Right's attacks on ACORN, pointing out that "widespread voter fraud" is a myth -- and that the real threat to voting this year is voter suppression.

Already, the Right has made clear its intention to challenge hundreds of thousands of votes in swing states. Dishonest flyers have spread misinformation about Election Day. Local Republican parties are openly announcing their willingness to challenge voting eligibility based on home foreclosure lists. And far right activists have even lined up at some early voting locations to harass and intimidate voters.

There are 13 days left to put to bed the Right's distractions and to expose and counter their very real program of voter suppression.

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