Saturday, July 26, 2008

Greetings from the Summer of Love!

I haven’t gone to so many weddings since my 20’s, when all my friends began to date, mate, engage and marry. I remember going to so many weddings that a few of us began to rate the fern stands. This time, the energy is very much the same, except that our engagements have run for decades, instead of months or weeks. And there are no fern stands.

I just came back from our second wedding in a week. But now it is different. We are all middle aged gentlemen whose relationships have stood the test of time, and yet each of us are having weddings, and parties to celebrate our transitions from domestic partnership to marriage. The media, television, nothing I have seen can accurately describe the happiness of 40 friends gathered to wish a couple happiness. 40 or more people, who are Latino, black, white, gay, straight, Catholic, Jewish, Baha'i, independent, democrat, republican… all there, together, crying, cheering, and hugging the grooms. It is love, the unconditional type, in its purest form.

Two people, devoted to each other, building lives together, planning to continue to spend their lives together, in front of family and friends. Nothing can be more important than this.

I fail to understand how this might negatively affect our neighbors’ marriages, or why a Church would actively wage war against this or why we as Californians would even consider amending our constitution to make sure this can’t happen in the future.

This is the summer of love.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Please Take Action: Tell the Census Bureau that Gay Families Count!

For the 2010 Census, the Census Bureau says it will edit forms submitted by legally married same-sex couples to change their status to "unmarried partners."

In so doing, the Bureau essentially will -- in the words of one couple highlighted in the Washington Post's coverage of this policy -- "Photoshop them out of the picture."Last week, we launched a petition urging the Census Bureau to put its mission of collecting and reporting accurate data above the right-wing, anti-gay politics of the Bush administration.

Please join the 11,000 activists who have already signed the petition here:

You can read the Washington Post story about the policy here:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amazing Plane on Lake Shasta

Panther Meadows, Mt. Shasta

My tree by the creek @ R & J's
On Mt Shasta

A guy and his dog on the edge of the world...

Family Reunion - Saturday 7.19.2008 - Yreka

Sample taken from those sitting in circle of folks talking about our first jobs
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