Saturday, October 25, 2008

How To Make Yourself Happier During the Economic Crisis

How To Make Yourself Happier During the Economic Crisis

Thanks Jeff... you got it right!

Vote No on Prop 8!

There just might be proof that there is a god...

New poll shows Prop 8 losing

Of course its not over until the Fat Lady sings... but it may be that the good people of the great State of California might just be the greatest people on earth...

To See our Lady warming it up, see the attached video, my apologies for the end of the video... I B lurn'n to use my new camera.

Personally, I'm looking for her to sing in January...

Prop 8 is is "Divisive and Discriminatory" - Vote No!

Obama / No on 8! Rally on West steps of the Capitol.

I walked from the parking structure and took some pictures with my new lenses... I gotta say... I am damn proud to be a Californian... and as you can see, with the incredible diversity of this city, I am damn lucky to be living here right now... something truly wonderful is about to happen!

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