Friday, July 24, 2009

Opinion Of U.S. Improves Under Obama

Opinion Of U.S. Improves Under Obama

According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, global opinion of the United States has improved dramatically in almost all surveyed countries since Barack Obama took office.
The image of the United States has improved markedly in most parts of the world, reflecting global confidence in Barack Obama. In many countries opinions of the United States are now about as positive as they were at the beginning of the decade before George W. Bush took office. Improvements in the U.S. image have been most pronounced in Western Europe, where favorable ratings for both the nation and the American people have soared. But opinions of America have also become more positive in key countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, as well.

Signs of improvement in views of America are seen even in some predominantly Muslim countries that held overwhelmingly negative views of the United States in the Bush years. The most notable increase occurred in Indonesia, where people are well aware of Obama's family ties to the country and where favorable ratings of the U.S. nearly doubled this year. However for the most part, opinions of the U.S. among Muslims in the Middle East remain largely unfavorable, despite some positive movement in the numbers in Jordan and Egypt. Animosity toward the U.S., however, continues to run deep and unabated in Turkey, the Palestinian territories and Pakistan.
Israel is the only country of the 25 surveyed in which opinion of the United States has declined over the last year.

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Today's fotos

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Morning Walk, before meeting at Casa do Professor

The monumento a Tradentes makes a rather grand relógio de sol... I checked the time.

a spin by the Chafariz de Marília to measure the spirial

Foto fuscal de hoje... tres!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fotos de Hoje - sunset concerts and more...

O Museu da Inconfidência

Praça Tiradentes

Zooming in on kids across the city... this camera rocks!

Tabebuia alba (Ipê-Amarelo)

pôr do sol

Night pics while waiting for Silvia to show at the Escola de Minas to see kronosmaterial. As we were waiting in line, she was telling me that she had spent the entire day ironing clothes, as her house had been full of guests and family for days... As we were let into the theatre space, there was a huge pile of clothes on the stage, we busted up, she had a strange desire to go and fold them neatly.... The performance was with two female dancers stuffing more and more clothes into their clothes, taking them out, takignthem off, throwing them about, jumping on the pile, becoming part of the pile, etc... it was very avant-garde and wierd... and what makes this festival great fun. You have no idea at times what you will see.

Show de Márcio Borges e Telo Borges, which was amazing. They have authored some of the most famous and important music in Brasil.

ended the evening with a Frech orchestra...
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