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And now for the news... a Vitally Important Dispatch from "Put'em all on an Island

Naked panelbeater hides behind one shoe
More South Island naked news:

A Gore man who ran naked through a Warehouse store in Central Otago was yesterday fined in the Alexandra District Court.
Judge Paul Kellar fined Jay Harley Katon, 19, panelbeater, $350 for offensive behaviour at the Alexandra store on October 25.
The police summary of facts says Katon was grossly intoxicated and entered the store wearing a pair of socks and using a shoe to cover his genitals.
A "large number of people", including mothers and young children, were shopping when Katon ran around the clothing section before being asked to leave.
He bought some clothes before leaving and was found by police in a vehicle in the town centre, the court was told.
Katon admitted being in the store but said he had a shoe over his genitals "the whole time", the summary of facts says.
He told police he had been drinking at the Ettrick Tavern an hour before the incident and someone had stolen his clothes.

Uroskin goes on to say:

"I think the "summary of the facts" left much to be desired: Why did the 19 year old panelbeater (hmmmmmmm!!) only need one shoe to cover his manhood? Was the shoe pointing up or down? Where did he put his cash to pay for new clothes at the checkout? Was he wearing his new outfit when nabbed by the cops? Did the cops have to strip him to recognise his profile on the security footage?"

"And even more pointedly: is naked drinking at the Ettrick Tavern a common occurrence? Was he engaged as a male stripper at the panelbeaters' pub lunch break? I understand it can get quite hot in Alexandra, so I surmise he was only wearing his panelbeater overalls at the pub - easy to get off!"

"Again, if I were the judge and had recovered from rofling after that case in my court room, my sentence would be publication of Warehouse security footage on the internet. And he can buy me a drink at his next pub show appearance."

We here at "On Being Notorious" are indebted to the good people at "Put'em all on an Island".

Earth View 6pm PST 12.19.2009

Remake of Airport: Trauma @ SMF

After a fairly stressful day of last minute shopping that included the purchase of size 13 Nikes for Fred, the arrival of a battery for Berlane’s Mac, a sleeping bag insert, that will work well in Rio on Victor and Luis‘s couch, and getting some of Braum’s ashes to take… rushed around and got grades in, and then just kicked back until 1am… slept until 230, got up, the blue van came and we made one more stop for a guy that kept us all waiting… when we walked into the United terminal we looked at each other and said,

“Uh oh”

For those of you United Airlines buffs, SMF United area is a travesty, if not an embarrassment when things go relatively smoothly. SMF is in the middle of a major remodel, and I cannot wait to see the old terminal bulldozed…

When things are dicey, well… and that was the case this morning at 3am, as the flights to D.C were cancelled due to the big storm, causing delays and dysfunction on both sides of the counter. We were booked for a short flight to SFO and then one to Dulles to catch another flight to São Paulo. Dulles ranking right there on one of my least favorite places on earth, must be a real picnic right now... so in a way we are grateful, tho we loose three days in Brasil.

Anyway back to SMF. Hundreds and hundreds of the capital city’s strangest people (exactly where do these people live?), who cannot handle discomfort, or trauma, who apparently have no sense of decorum or manners where vying for the attention of some of United’s ill tempered help. . It seemed like a movie, the check in to an Airport sequel. Sometimes you find yourself in a crowd, that is so surreal, or seem like they are from Central Casting. So it was this morning.

Maybe because I watch too much YouTube, this was such a bizarre scene, I kept hoping for the urban guerrilla actors guild to launch into song, and suddenly everything would be fun and confetti. But alas... this is not Grand Central Station, but SMF- a bus station with wings. Let’s review:

The ride to the airport in the blue van, they called and let us know they were 10 minutes away. Yet we ended up waiting for Doug to finish what ever he was doing inside... and most certainly no "sorry for keeping you waiting" from him as he sat in the back and began texting on his I-phone.

The upper cast South Asian family, who decided that she would stand with the kids in one line, and that He would stand in line with ½ the bags. Who caused all sorts of havoc when they consolidated, then got all pushed out of shape, and started yelling at the lady behind the desk who started to yell and cry.

Then there was the hilarious over extended family: grandma in a wheel chair, granddad a bit dotty and out of it, two sisters with attitude and with about 6 kids all less than 5, crawling and running around, as the father brought all the luggage in, and an overweight younger man, didn’t do too much either… all of them disoriented and shoved from line to line… I kept thinking those princess brides, where gunna kill the husband…

The three young goth lads, who were somehow able to get through the system and up and out (note traveling light has its rewards).

The nice young couple ahead of us looking like they were headed for adventure, who also were bumped from a flight to some place great…

I find it interesting how people slow down when things need to go faster, clogging things up, not having docs ready, or how the airlines have totally unsupported their workforce. I was surprised how one check in lady was being treated unfairly, rudely and mobbed by a group of people, and no one came to her aide.

Then the luggage belt stopped working, the check in lady next to us spilled her Starbucks all over the floor, babies started to cry, one setting off the next one…

And there we were, playing the part of the handsome, stylish bi-national gay couple, left wondering what it is that all these misfits have that we don’t… oh yeah marriage rights.

Some posts from my facebook page:

I have always found it fascinating (in a train wreck way) how badly people treat the airline workers when flights are cancelled because of it is somehow their fault there is a blizzard. Enjoy your vacation.

Yeah, its so much like schools and universities... the administration cuts and sits idly by as the people abuse those that are the only ones who can help, and who like them are caught in the action, powerless... the organization, over lack of how shall we say "feng shui" there all combined for a perfect Airport sequel... I guess I am grateful I am not stuck in Dulles...

So there is a hold in the schedule, we will attempt another launch on Monday

From JMG: Controversial display shows Jesus hunting down Santa, Rudolph

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He's Awsome: The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

PolitiFact has compiled more than 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on our Obameter.

We rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.

The report card at right provides an up-to-the-minute tally of all the promises.

Other ways to browse the Obameter

RSS Obameter update RSS feed

Pass the Bill

Published: December 17, 2009

A message to progressives: By all means, hang Senator Joe Lieberman in effigy. Declare that you’re disappointed in and/or disgusted with President Obama. Demand a change in Senate rules that, combined with the Republican strategy of total obstructionism, are in the process of making America ungovernable.

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Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
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JMG Quote Of The Day - Sarah Palin

“In an attempt to ‘go incognito,’ I Sharpied the logo out on my sun visor so photographers would be less likely to recognize me and bother my kids or other vacationers. I am so sorry if people took this silly incident the wrong way. I adore John McCain, support him 100 percent and will do everything I can to support his reelection. As everyone knows, I was honored and proud to run with him. And Todd and I were with him in D.C. just a week ago. Todd and I have since cut our vacation short because the incognito attempts didn’t work and fellow vacationers were bothered for the two days we spent in the sun. So much for trying to go incognito.” - Sarah Palin, canceling the rest of her Hawaiian vacation over wingnut criticism that she'd insulted McCain by blacking out his logo on her hat. Obviously, they do not sell hats in Hawaii.

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lifted from JMG

UN gives final approval to resolution criticizing Iran for human rights violations

UNITED NATIONS, 18 December (BWNS) – The United Nations General Assembly gave its final stamp of approval today to a strongly worded resolution condemning Iran for a long list of human rights violations.

By a vote of 74 to 49, with 59 abstentions, the General Assembly confirmed an earlier vote by its Third Committee in November on a resolution that expresses "deep concern at serious ongoing and recurring human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Bani Dugal, the principal representative of the Baha'i International Community to the United Nations, said the resolution sends a stern message to Iran.

"Day by day, human rights continue to deteriorate in Iran," said Ms. Dugal. "This vote matters very much because the General Assembly has now fully, clearly, and powerfully expressed itself over Iran's flagrant abuse of human rights.

"Our hope is that the government will heed this call and begin to respect the universally recognized rights of its citizens.

"As a first step to that, Iran could allow independent UN special rapporteurs into their country, as called for by the resolution," she said.

The list of violations outlined this year was among the most extensive in some 25 years of UN resolutions on human rights in Iran.

Specifically, the resolution expresses concern about oppressive measures taken after the June presidential election, the use of torture, the repeated abuse of legal rights, the violent repression of women, and "increasing discrimination" against minority groups, including "Arabs, Azeris, Baluchis, Kurds, Christians, Jews, Sufis and Sunni Muslims and their defenders."

It makes extensive mention of the persecution of Baha'is, expressing concern over "attacks on Baha'is and their faith in State-sponsored media, increasing evidence of efforts by the State to identify, monitor and arbitrarily detain Baha'is, preventing members of the Baha'i Faith from attending university and from sustaining themselves economically."

The resolution also expresses concern over the continued detention of seven Baha'i leaders who were arrested in March and May 2008, stating they have faced "serious charges without adequate or timely access to legal representation."

Ms. Dugal noted that attorneys for the seven were recently informed their trial has now been set for 12 January 2010. Two earlier trial dates for the seven had been set but were postponed for various reasons.

"This year's resolution points out the degree to which Iran has abused the legal process and denied many of their citizens the right to a fair trial.

"We therefore remain gravely concerned about the likely trial of these seven innocent Baha'is, who have been wrongly accused and improperly held. The charges against them are utterly baseless, and they should be released immediately," said Ms. Dugal.

For the Baha’i World News Service home page, go to:

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Todays' Double Post: Keith Olbermann's Special Commentary On Health Care Reform


In Preparation for Boarding I Be Hear'n Voices

Finals, and meetings with Masters and Doc students, letters of recommendations, and packing and seeing that the Ponderosa is functioning at optimal levels… its crazy making, and of course the evil angel keeps saying inapproapriate things, like,

“See if you just stayed home…”

And then the good one says,

“Shut up brother, the dude is headed south to Brasil, you be crazy”

And then evil one, has to responds,

“Don’t tell me to shut up; he’s making his own self crazy”

And then the good one says,

“Well you be doing your best to see that he does, now aren’t you?”

Then they start in, with a chain of

“Am not!”

“Are too”

“Am not!”

“Are too”

“Am not!”

“Are too”

“Am not!”

“Are too”

And I just smile, because, my two angels have been dogg'n me for years , and can behave like a pair of hyphy speak'n chipmunks at times.

It’s nice to know that I am never alone… stay tuned as the blog goes Brazilian for a few great weeks.

Or as the angels say,

"jus say'n"

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Finding Bibi

Finding Bibi - Teaser Trailer

Finding Bibi | MySpace Video

Quote of the Day

"On Son of Being! Busy not thyself with this world, for with fire We test the gold, and with gold We test Our servants."

This really bums me out: A Fish Oil Story

Stephen Savage

If you are someone who catches and eats a lot of fish, as I am, you get adept at answering questions about which fish are safe, which are sustainable and which should be avoided altogether. But when this fish oil question arrived in my inbox recently, I was stumped. I knew that concerns about overfishing had prompted many consumers to choose supplements as a guilt-free way of getting their omega-3 fatty acids, which studies show lower triglycerides and the risk of heart attack. But I had never looked into the fish behind the oil and whether it was fit, morally or environmentally speaking, to be consumed.

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Newly Discovered Planet Could Be A Watery World

A newly discovered planet orbiting a small, nearby star appears to be a "water world," with a surface that might be covered with liquid water.

"This is certainly the first planet around another star which we think is mostly made of water," says David Charbonneau of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., who led the research team that found the new planet, named GJ 1214b.

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The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells

Shustir Loves Big Business! (Not!!!)

I wish I were younger...

Quote of the Day

"Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography, if you're lucky." - Alan Moore

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Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce


Choosing Spring Furlough Days

When selecting your furlough days, the CFA hopes that faculty will choose the common furlough day of March 4th, as recommended by the Faculty Senate. On March 4th there will be statewide actions around education, from K-12 to Community Colleges, the UCs and the CSUs. We hope you'll join us.

The CFA is also calling for NO BUSINESS AS USUAL this Spring. Faculty worked carefully to make sure that the furlough process went easily this last semester. What have we gotten for our cooperation? We know that hundreds of lecturers—perhaps 200-250 of our brothers and sisters—will lose their jobs this Spring. Those who remain have tried to do the same (or more) work for less money. We’ve seen staff laid off and student fees increased (and they probably will be raised again in January). Meanwhile the administration continues to hire for new administrative positions, and the President’s son got a transfer and a raise. The CFA respectfully suggests that you use your Spring furlough days to MAKE A STATEMENT: if we go quietly into this furlough night, we tempt the administrators to attempt to make it permanent. If we CHOOSE INSTRUCTIONAL DAYS to furlough we make a public statement about how furloughs impact instruction. Some will say we are punishing students, but furloughs and budget cuts hurt everyone—it is the Chancellor and the Legislature who are hurting our students! There is no set amount of instructional days you can furlough, use your best judgement but please take a stand and do not knuckle under!

We'd also like to remind you that if you used your "clumping option" (more than 2 days in a week or 4 days in a month) this Fall, you cannot do so again in the Spring--it is a one-time only option.

Certification Redux

The subject of the Certification form has been one of the more controversial parts of the Furlough MOU since the details were published.

The Furlough MOU in section 5. B. states:


b. Prior to starting their assignment for any term, pursuant to this agreement, Faculty Unit employees shall certify in writing that:

i. They will not work on the assigned furlough day; and ii. They will not work beyond the duties assigned for the furlough week


This written certification was required by the CSU Administration for "risk management" purposes so that a faculty member can't come back and demand payment for those days worked on furlough. CFA has no interest in, or reason for, monitoring your observance of the furlough days.

The problems with certifying furlough days arise from the varying nature of the work we do, and different faculty's professional responses for appropriate ways to reduce the workload in a manner commensurate with the 9.23% reduction in pay. Again, no single rule for workload reduction is appropriate. It must be left to the individual faculty member's best professional judgment, but there must be a workload reduction. If we don't reduce our workloads, then it will appear as though we can operate normally under these conditions, and the Chancellor's Office will continue to attempt to balance its budget on the backs of faculty. We need to make it clear we cannot serve students as we would wish, but we also need to meet the students' educational needs insofar as we can.

Do I Have To Sign The Certification?

Some faculty may chose not to sign the certification form. Please keep in mind that we don't recommend this and we have suggested some alternatives below. Not signing the form could lead to disciplinary action and could then make it difficult to get your preferred furlough days approved.

It is doubtful that the administration could or would police your work on a furlough day. It's not practical for them to do so, given that our furlough days will be spread across the calendar. But keep in mind that visible activities, or activities that could cause injury to yourself or students should not be done. Under furlough conditions, it is possible that you would not be covered for liability under such circumstances.

Keep in mind also that the certification protects you as well. If you include a letter and certification in your Personnel Action File

(PAF) it helps to put in context your evaluation for the year.

If the Administration decides to impose any kind of discipline for not signing the form, CFA will be there to help any faculty member who needs representation under articles 18 (Reprimands) and 19 (Disciplinary Action) of the Faculty Contract. Faculty who receive any notice of discipline for any reason should contact CFA immediately.

IF YOU WISH TO PROTEST signing the certification here's what we


#1. Sign the online form, and add any additional "protest message" in a letter to your Dean.

#2. Submit a letter of protest to your Personnel Action File (PAF) immediately, indicating your opinion on the issue. Under article

11.2 of the Faculty Contract, "A faculty unit employee shall have the right to submit material to his/her Personnel Action File."

Corrections on the last Union News Issue

In the last “Union News” some of the information in the “Budget and Class Cuts Require Some Lecturers to Retire” was incorrect. Below is a corrected version. Please read the new version carefully. We also recommend the Human Resources website bulletin on retirement. An excellent, very clear, explanation of retirement benefits has been made available by Human Resources and is available at this link:

Budget and Class Cuts Require Some Lecturers to Retire

The decision to retire, rather than risk loss of lifetime retirement benefits

Because the number if units taught in a Part-Time Lecturer’s final semester determines eligibility for lifetime health benefits in retirement, a number of Lecturers are facing a wrenching decision this semester.

A Lecturer is eligible to retire with lifetime health benefits when he/she is a member of CalPERS and is vested. A lecturer becomes a member once he/she has worked 7.5 UNITS (0.5 TIMEBASE) FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE SEMESTERS. The lecturer is vested when he/she is at least 50 years old and has worked the equivalent of 5 full-time years as a CalPERS member. [Service is prorated for part-time members. 1720 hours equals 1 year of CalPERS service credit, anything less is a partial year.]

In order to retire with these benefits though, the lecturer must teach at least 6 units (0.4 TIMEBASE) in his/her last semester of work. If YOU are qualified to retire with lifetime health benefits, and IF you think the number of units you will teach will be less than 6 this spring, investigate early retirement in order to keep your lifetime health benefits. These benefits are worth thousands of dollars over your lifetime, and their loss should be avoided if at all possible.

Retirement Timeline: Retirement is not automatic. A person has 120 days from separation date to officially “retire”. If a person is eligible for lifetime health benefits, but does not officially retire through Human Resources within 120 days of “separation”, he/she will LOSE lifetime health benefits, an incredible loss.

Should I Stay, or Should I Go? A Part-Time Lecturer who is not sure if he/she will be given enough units to hold onto benefits in the spring is confronted by a very difficult decision. The Lecturer may decide not to retire at the end of Fall, and hope to get 6 units of work in the Spring in order to keep benefits. But if the person is offered only 1-5 units in spring, he/she will have forfeited benefits for the Spring, as well as the opportunity to hang on to his/her benefits for life. Many lecturers are choosing to retire now, in order to keep lifetime health. It is possible that the lecturer might choose not to retire, work without benefits in the Spring (paying for COBRA, or getting benefits some other way), then be offered 6 units the next Fall, and again be eligible for benefits. But in these uncertain times, there is certainly no guarantee that the Lecturer will be given enough units to qualify for benefits. A department chair can NOT guarantee units in a future semester.

Be informed: If you are concerned about your lifetime health benefits (you are qualified if you are 50 years old and are vested in CalPERS), contact Human Resources for an appointment: Mary Ford is an excellent resource at 278-6213. An excellent, very clear, explanation of retirement benefits has been made available by Human Resources and is available at this link: at the Human Resources-Benefits website. You should also contact CalPERS to learn more about your retirement benefits. Access your CalPERS account at: Contact HR immediately if you are considering retirement, as the HR office closes December 21.

Return to Work after Retirement: A Lecturer may return to teach after officially retiring, but he/she may only teach up to 50% of the unit load taught IN THE LAST FISCAL YEAR PRIOR TO RETIRMENT. After retirement, a Lecturer will have lost all preference in order of appointment, and start at the bottom of the heap for class assignment upon return.

In Solidarity,

Kevin Wehr

President, CFA Capitol Chapter

Associate Prof. of Sociology

Asutralian School Answering Machine Message

Thanks Ed for this email joke...

These classifieds actually ran in newspapers - a smile for your day...

8-years old. Hateful little bastard. Bites!

1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.

Mother, AKC German Shepherd.
Father, Super Dog. Able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Looks like a rat. Been out a while.
Better be a big reward.

Also 1 gay bull for sale.

$300 Hardly used, call Chubby.

California grown - 89 cents/lb.

Must sell washer and dryer $300.

Worn once by mistake. Call Stephanie.

And the best one?:

Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition.
$1,000 or best offer. No longer needed,
Got married last month. Wife knows everything.

A Change of Seasons

My Uncle George Passed away last night. And another colleague and his wife lost their baby that was born premature, and my parents had two friends pass away as well. It’s funny how a change of seasons, and the weather seems to take people with it.

George had been ill for a long time. He was a tough old bird, and an overall good guy. I visited him a few times, and I liked the way he kept saying he was “only living to torture his wife”. He had a wry sense of humor, and was a very bright man. I had a great conversation with him last Xmas, when I went over to my cousin’s house. It was the kind of talk that I will cherish, and remember him most for. He talked about how disastrous the Bush years had been and what promise Obama was, which floored me, as I had assumed my blood relations were republican to the core. He knew about what was going on at the CSU, and asked me questions. It was good, especially as he always made me feel like a man, not a kid, and this last conversation was no different. When I first moved to Sacramento, they allowed me to stay in their big, over-crowded house in Carmichael until I got my sea legs.

He knew about war, because he had seen it. I remember one summer break at a family thing, I was thinking about quitting school and going into the military, and he turned to me and said “Oh no you’re not!” I will always be indebted to him for that kick in the head, which made me stay in school. I always enjoyed talking to him. He read the papers and paid attention to the news, like few I know.

My Uncle George was a retired air force officer. He had and took his family to such diverse locations as Louisiana, Germany and Japan. Some of my family never really understood my Aunt, and I think it was because of their adventures. It wasn’t until years later that I understood why as I began traveling and seeing how it changed me, and how the changes in me created rifts between me and those who had no idea or interest in what I had seen or done. As a kid, I remember they would send us cool things from wherever they were. I guess they gave me the virus to see the world…

He is the first of my parent’s generation to go, as we ran out of grandparents and great-aunts a few years as ago. Now time is going after the next generation, then a few years later it will begin to eat at mine. I had 15 friends die of AIDs one after another... they say folks my age went thru what the old folks are now... loosing friends, having to deal with the inevitable, thinking about dying.

I live everyday for Braum, Steven, Bill, Ralph and the rest who never were able to make it this far... I am blessed, and I feel a great responsibility to do something with my life as well. It’s the basis for my frustration with my job, it just seems stupid compared to what needs done in the world. I have been fortunate to see a lot of sadness and witness a lot of magic. Maybe someday I can share it...

One weird thing, I spent most of Sunday transferring and correcting data that I had in my Palm to my Blackberry. It was tedious, and took almost all afternoon, but was the kind of work one does when it’s raining cats and dogs. I had just gotten to my Aunt and Uncle’s data, edited and reentered when “bling”, a message showed up from my mother saying my Uncle had just passed away.

The Navajo have a tradition for things that happen, births, deaths, weddings, etc in a rain storm…. It is called The Blessing Way.

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