Monday, March 15, 2010

253 Rua Quintino Bocaíuva, Amparo, SP

I have been taking pictures of this door on the house at 252 Rua Quintino Bocaíuva in Amparo for years. I even got to go inside once, and if it hadn't been in Amparo, we probably would have bought it. Nothing against Amparo, except that Milton doesn't want to return home, and well, there isn't a university near by anyway for us to work in.

But the house is really quite grand, make the jump here to see a post I made of it in July.

This is the one i dressed up with PhotoFiltre and am using as wallpaper for a few days.

This is what it looked like in 2004. I actually think it has more character...

My husband Milton at another building in the old part of Amparo.

This is across the street and is really colorful in its decadence...

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