Monday, September 27, 2010

Via Truthout:: Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown Lead in New California Poll

Brad Knickerbocker, The Christian Science Monitor: "California Democrats are taking heart from a new poll showing Jerry Brown leading Meg Whitman in the race for governor while Barbara Boxer is ahead of Carly Fiorina in the US Senate race. But with more than a month to go before the election and 10 percent of likely voters still undecided, both races - especially the Brown-Whitman contest - remain close. This is the bottom line from a USC College/Los Angeles Times Poll released Sunday. Brown now leads Whitman 49-44 percent, which is close to the poll's margin of error. Boxer, meanwhile, has widened her lead over Fiorina to 51-43 percent. California's senate race could prove crucial in Democrat's efforts to hold on to Senate control."

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Montana said...

These two republican women are falling in the polls because people are finding out who they real are. Carly Fiorina basically was fired from HP and sent HP USA jobs overseas, California has already tried a so-called outsider Republican, his name Arnold Schwarzenegger, we all know how that turned out. Meg Whitman, thinks she can buy the election, but what puzzles many is if she real cared and loved California then why not do your civil duty and vote, seems that its more rhetoric than anything. Meg will find out that California is not for sale and that you can't buy everything! What a waste of money!

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