Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Is America's Only Substantial Jobs Program the Military-Industrial Complex?

Is America's Only Substantial Jobs Program the Military-Industrial Complex? Practically Speaking, Yes. -- BuzzFlash Editor's Blog by Mark Karlin

Pants On The Ground

Pants On The Ground: Neil Young's Heart Wrenching Performance (VIDEO)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chuva na Rua Direta - Ouro Preto

Pancada no Centro e na Rua Direta

There is nothing more wonderful than a summer pancada in Ouro Preto... the heat builds up all morning, and then there is thunder and then a collective sigh, as we stand in the door of the stores and offices... watching and enjoying the rain... the way the rain runs from the roofs into the street and the sound the water makes as it shoots down the street over the cobblestones is by far one of the top ten great things about Ouro Preto.

I was so lucky to be there as I was on my way to the bus to Mariana after class when the clouds let loose...

A Busy last couple of Days

My aula de Portugese is going well, but Prof. Sasha gives me a lot of homework (which is good, as I need it!). Its pretty tough for me, as writing in English is hard enough. So in between the morning walk, the slow computer connection, my tarefa, and of course the need to meet people and just hang out... I fear that this blog has suffered some.

After class, I waited for Jaime to get me, he wanted to take me to see soem friends of his in Mariana. As I was waiting in front ofthe school in Pilar, I helped a Japanese tourist find Rosario, a car drove by with a lady with a very dismayed cat in a box on her lap, followed by a fusca that had three dachshunds sitting in the front seat next to the driver and a lady with a baby in the back seat. On the way home from Mariana, Milton called me, and Jaime was driving, just a little past Passagems where the road begins to climb up the mountain back up to Ouro Preto... suddenly a brillant white old horse (uma yegua?) ambled across the road... and we had to dodge it. One is hard pressed not to think that all these animal sightings are signs...

off for a quick walk, and then to study before lunch

Monday, January 11, 2010

Walk about in Ouro Preto

Today I began my first aula de the world's most beautiful langauge today. Fica ligado!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rio Acima - Canto das Aguas

Marger & Vianna woke me up early and we took a ride way, way out intot the country, to meet their family at one of thier cousin's condomino fechado. This place was amazing, some really interesting houses, cachoiera's, good people, and great food. It was a grand day out!
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