Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rachel Maddow: on the Prognoctopus

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Rachael Maddow: Re Oil Drilling

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US World Cup Dream Ends in Loss to Ghana

Awesome job Team USA! You got us further along than any team has for 80 years! You did all this despite the incredible apathy and disinterest by the USA population... astonishing to have a team at perseveres... you did us proud! Next Cup, quarter finals!

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Via JMG: Pride Flag Flies Atop Space Needle

A gigantic rainbow flag is flying atop Seattle's Space Needle this weekend. Lurleen at Pam's House Blend has the story.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Via Utne: What Obama's Getting Right

President Obama's most significant achievement to date has gone largely unnoticed.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cute with Chris

Via Pbs Newshour: In Brazil, Oil Rigs in Sight, But World Cup on Minds

WORLD -- June 24, 2010

In Brazil, Oil Rigs in Sight, But World Cup on Minds

warner_casual.jpgAs we flew into Rio de Janeiro, the city's jagged emerald mountains, sapphire blue waters and ribbon of white beaches seemed as pristine and beautiful as advertised. Yet just outside our sea-side breakfast room on famed Copacabana beach, a gigantic oil tanker was steaming for the deep Atlantic waters beyond.

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How many are we?

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Patients' Bill of Rights

Dear Daniel,

Show your support by ratifying  the Patients Bill of Rights

This week, President Obama delivered a message to the health insurance industry and to opponents of our new health care law: "We're not going back. I refuse to go back."

And to show just how serious he is about protecting everyone's access to affordable, quality health care, President Obama unveiled a Patients' Bill of Rights that features key provisions that take effect this year and will put consumers – not insurance companies – in charge of their health care.

But opponents of the law continue working overtime, spreading lies about the new law in an attempt to score political points and repeal the bill.

Stand up against these opponents of reform by "ratifying" the Patients' Bill of Rights and showing your support for our new health care law.

Thanks to our new health care law, Americans will be able to get the care they need, when they need it, and insurance companies will finally be held accountable for putting profits before people.

The Patients' Bill of Rights ensures that:

  • Insurance companies can no longer deny health coverage to your children, based on a pre-existing condition;
  • Insurers are prohibited from rescinding or taking away your health coverage based on an unintentional mistake on an application; and
  • Insurers cannot require "prior approval" before you seek emergency care at a hospital outside your plan's network.

With opponents of reform determined to take away your health care rights, it's so important that you show your support. Stand up for your health care freedom. Click here and "ratify" the Patients' Bill of Rights TODAY!

Thank you for being a champion for access to quality, affordable health care.


Justin Kolikof
Online Strategies Manager

Via Gateway to Astronaut Photography:

Via JMG: Postcards From Hell

Foreign Policy Magazine has posted a photo series titled Postcards From Hell, which catalogs the world's "most failed states." The list was compiled by the Fund For Peace.
This year's index draws on 90,000 publicly available sources to analyze 177 countries and rate them on 12 metrics of state decay -- from refugee flows to economic implosion, human rights violations to security threats. Taken together, a country's performance on this battery of indicators tells us how stable -- or unstable -- it is. And unfortunately for many of the 60 most troubled, the news from 2009 is grave.

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Via JMG: Fast Lane - The Slide

Via UOL (e minha sobrinha Barbara):

Copa do Mundo faz futebol atingir ápice e bater recordes nos Estados UnidosNotícias
UOL Copa do Mundo - Últimas Notícias - 22/06/2010

Religious leaders call for action on the environment, poverty and peace

WINNIPEG, Canada, 24 June (BWNS) – World leaders meeting in Canada have been urged to take "inspired leadership and action" to halt poverty, protect the environment, and end violent conflict.

The challenge was made in a statement drafted by representatives of the world's religions, who gathered at the University of Winnipeg in advance of this week's G8 and G20 summits in Toronto.

"Acknowledging our common humanity and embracing the imperative to treat all persons with dignity, we affirm that no one person is more or less valuable than another," said the statement.

"We urge the political leaders to consider first the vulnerable among us, particularly our children, and to work together to address the dehumanizing scourge of poverty and injustice, and practice and promote care for our common environment, the Earth," the statement said.

The World Religions Summit 2010 was the sixth in a series of interfaith gatherings associated with the annual G8 meetings. It brought together more than 80 participants from all of the world's major faiths including, for the first time, representatives of the Baha'i community.

Religious leaders from more than 20 countries attended, including each of the G8 nations - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Reverend Dr. James Christie, secretary general of the Summit, said the meeting and its output was directed principally at the leaders of the so-called "Group of 8" countries because they represent the nations that have the most power to effect change in the world.

"The reality is that these nations have the money, they have the clout, and they make a difference," said Dr. Christie.

Some participants said it was also important for the religious communities themselves to redouble their own efforts to address the three main topics of their discussions - poverty, the environment, and peace.

"We are living in a very critical period in history," said His Holiness Aram I, of the Armenian Orthodox Church. "I believe what is important for us is building community. It is not just living side-by-side, coexisting peacefully. It is a question of building integrated communities, communities of integrated diversity, accepting and respecting the others, but living together."

"We have to tell the G8 and the world that we religions not only speak together but that we are working together to build communities of integrated dialogue," he said.

Baha'i participation

Among the Baha'i representatives at the Summit was Susanne Tamas of Canada, who was joined by Baha'is from five other countries – France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

"We believe that spiritual principles need to be brought into the discussion of such challenges as poverty, the environment, and peace and security," said Ms. Tamas. "We want to create a space where the political leaders can reflect and make decisions for the long term, and for the common good, rather than on short-term, national concerns."

"We're also here to learn – because these issues are complex and we need to learn what other faiths are saying about them," she said.

As a prelude to the Summit, the Baha'i community of Canada sponsored a seminar on human rights and religious freedom. The day-long event – held in Winnipeg on Monday, 21 June – brought together four human rights experts from different religious backgrounds who concluded that the right to freedom of religion must be upheld to ensure that its influence on society is progressive and positive.

"Courageous and concrete" actions

The statement, issued after three days of deliberation at the World Religions Summit 2010, called upon political leaders to take "courageous and concrete" actions.

Regarding poverty, it said more than a billion people are "chronically hungry" and that women, children and indigenous peoples are among those most affected.

"The magnitude of poverty would be overwhelming were it not for the knowledge that this global inequity can be transformed into a shared life of human flourishing for all. Together, we have the capacity and the global resources to end extreme poverty and its impacts," the statement said.

On the subject of the environment, the statement noted that all faith traditions "call us to careful stewardship of the Earth." It warned of the effects of climate change and said "bold action is needed now."

Governments were also called upon to halt the nuclear arms race, and to make new investments to create a "culture of peace."

The Summit condemned religiously-motivated terrorism and extremism with the faith leaders committing themselves "to stop the teaching and justification of the use of violence between and among our faith communities."

The statement was presented to Steven Fletcher, Canada's Minister of State for Democratic Reform. Mr. Fletcher promised to deliver it to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for presentation to the G8 leaders.

To read this article online and view the photographs, go to:

For the Baha'i World News Service home page, go to:

THE MORNING BUZZ via Buzzflash

Beyond Petroleum, Beyond the Short-sighted Exploitation and Fragmentation of the Planet, There is Life Itself, Awaiting Us -- Bob Koehler for BuzzFlash

Rolling Stone Shows What Real Journalism that Informs and Revitalizes Democracy is All About BuzzFlash Media Wings of Justice Award.

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Who Wants the Drilling Rights to Tony Hayward's Head, a Gusher of Lies The BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week

Yesterday, A Successful D-Day for Dems -- PM Carpenter Exclusively for BuzzFlash "Yesterday was one of those rare good days, in fact a splendid day, for Congressional Democrats."

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Via SacBee: Local soccer fans join national bandwagon


U.S. soccer mania generated a buzz so loud Wednesday you couldn't even hear a vuvuzela.

Via SacBee: US players thrilled by fan response back home

Tim Howard got back to the team hotel after the big win over Algeria, turned on a television and saw David Wright. Then he noticed what the New York Mets third baseman was wearing.

"I guess he went out and bought a Landon Donovan jersey a couple of weeks back, and he wore it yesterday," the American goalkeeper said Thursday. "That's pretty cool, when you see guys like that in other sports, high-level athletes who you respect, getting involved and enjoying our team and our success."

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Via NPR: Are You For America? Or How One Person Learned To Cheer On The U.S.

USA v Algeria: Group C - 2010 FIFA World Cup
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

A U.S. fan enjoys the atmosphere ahead of the match against Algeria.

It was a hot day in Manhattan. A few friends had gathered to watch the U.S. play England at a small bar not far from Times Square. When I got there, people were stacked on the sidewalk getting a peek at the TVs inside. I squeezed my way into the bar and headed toward the back, where my friends were until the French owner stopped me.

“Are you for America?” he asked sternly with a gruff, drawling Napoleonic intonation. It certainly didn’t sound like a question of sport; it sounded like he was asking if I believed in American ideals of democracy and free speech, free enterprise and unalienable rights.

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