Saturday, November 13, 2010

Via truthout: Businesses Do Not Create Jobs

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future: "Many people wrongly think that businesses create jobs. They see that a job is usually at a business, so they think that therefore the business 'created' the job. This thinking leads to wrongheaded ideas like the current one that giving tax cuts to businesses will create jobs, because the businesses will have more money. But an efficiently-run business will already have the right number of employees."

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Two from Truthout::

Government Has Spent Small Fraction of $50 Billion Pledged for Loan Modifications
Paul Kiel, ProPublica: "When the Obama administration launched its flagship foreclosure prevention program in early 2009, it pledged to spend up to $50 billion helping struggling homeowners. But the government has so far only spent a tiny fraction of that. A recent Treasury Department report summarizing TARP spending put the total at $600 million through October. Although the Treasury Department posts the maximum amount that could go to each mortgage servicer on its website, it doesn't report the details of the spending. So we filed a Freedom of Information request for the data, and can now show for the first time exactly how much money has gone to each servicer."
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News in Brief: Release of House-Bound Burma Opposition Leader Anticipated, and More ...
Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning democracy leader may be nearing release; Clinton avoids mention of settlement building at US-Israel talks; Nordic countries investigate alleged US spying; Rep. John Shimkus not worried about climate change because of God's promise to Noah; Sunni walkout threatens Iraq's governing agreement; pilots' union encourages opting-out of invasive full-body scan.
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Robert Reich | Why We Should Beware Budget-Deficit Mania
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog: "We're in for another round of budget-deficit mania. The first draft of the President's deficit commission, written by its co-chairmen Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, is a pastiche of ideas - some good, some dumb, some intriguing, some wacky. The only unifying principle behind their effort seems to be to throw enough at the wall that something's bound to stick."
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall 2010 along the Yellowstone: Saturday before the Storm

Statement To The Viewers Of Countdown

I want to sincerely thank you for the honor of your extraordinary and ground-rattling support.
Your efforts have been integral to the remedying of these recent events, and the results should remind us of the power of individuals spontaneously acting together to correct injustices great or small.
...I also wish to apologize to you viewers for having precipitated such anxiety and unnecessary drama. You should know that I mistakenly violated an inconsistently applied rule – which I previously knew nothing about -- that pertains to the process by which such political contributions are approved by NBC.

Certainly this mistake merited a form of public acknowledgment and/or internal warning, and an on-air discussion about the merits of limitations on such campaign contributions by all employees of news organizations.
Instead, after my representative was assured that no suspension was contemplated, I was suspended without a hearing, and learned of that suspension through the media.
You should also know that I did not attempt to keep any of these political contributions secret; I knew they would be known to you and the rest of the public. I did not make them through a relative, friend, corporation, PAC, or any other intermediary, and I did not blame them on some kind of convenient 'mistake' by their recipients.
When a website contacted NBC about one of the donations, I immediately volunteered that there were in fact three of them; and contrary to much of the subsequent reporting, I immediately volunteered to explain all this, on-air and off, in the fashion MSNBC desired.        
I genuinely look forward to rejoining you on Countdown on Tuesday, to begin the repayment of your latest display of support and loyalty - support and loyalty that is truly mutual.

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Thanks for being part of this successful campaign and for being a bold progressive.

-- Stephanie Taylor and Adam Green, co-founders, Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)

Via Truthout: GOP: No Compromise on Tax Cut for Wealthiest Taxpayers

Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers: "Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate said Sunday there would be no compromise with Democrats on whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest taxpayers. President Barack Obama has said he wants to extend the tax cuts for taxpayers with a combined annual income of less than $250,000, but that the cuts should be eliminated for people making more than that. He's suggested there might be room for compromise in discussions with Republicans on other tax issues."

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ViaTruthout: Thom Hartmann | Rebooting the American Dream: 11 Ways to Rebuild Our Country

Thom Hartmann, Berrett-Koehler Publishers: "Hamilton looked at the nation and determined what needed to be done to rebuild the country after the Revolutionary War had devastated it and subservience to England's Tudor Plan 'free trade' policies had left Americans without any significant domestic industrial base. In the same tradition, this book goes through 11 steps we can take today to rebuild our country in the wake of the devastation of 30 years of Reaganomics, and how we can recover the industrial base we've lost to the 'free trade/flat earth' idiocy of the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush era."

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Via JMG: Keith Olbermann To Return On Tuesday

MSNBC has unsuspended Keith Olbermann and he'll be back on the air tomorrow night.
"After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy," MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a statement released late Sunday. "We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night."

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Via Utne: The Big Green Machine

Military vets are on a mission to end America’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Via Belirico: Social Security: The War Begins Tuesday, and You Better Say...Oh, No!

It is my job to bring to you not just the news that took place, but the news9-22-Social-Security.jpg that has yet to happen.
Today, that’s exactly what we have.
There is a war coming to try to change Social Security from a social safety net to a “revenue stream” for certain corporate interests, and that war is set to begin Tuesday morning, according to information that was provided to me yesterday afternoon.
Follow along, and you’ll be both forewarned and forearmed.

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Via Truthout: Tax System Favors Wealth Over Work

Gerald E. Scorse, Truthout: "Taxes may be the bane of the Tea Party, but they're a relative boon for the wealthy. Let's look at some of the ways America's tax system keeps Warren Buffett's fortune in Warren Buffet's hands."

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