Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Via Democracy Now: Brazil Fines Chevron $28 Million Following Oil Spill

The oil giant Chevron has been fined $28 million by the government of Brazil over an off-shore oil spill. On Monday, President Dilma Rousseff met with a number of her environment and energy ministers to discuss the matter, one day after Chevron claimed full responsibility for leaking some 2,400 barrels following the rupture of a well on November 7. The company has admitted it caused the accident by wrongly estimating pressure and rock strength in the reservoir it was targeting.
George Buck, Chevron Brazil CEO: "Chevron takes full responsibility for this incident. We responded to it quickly and effectively and we will continue to respond to it. Any oil on the surface of the ocean is unacceptable to Chevron and we will work diligently until there is none."
While the spill is relatively small and largely contained, Chevron could face increased fines from Brazil’s national petroleum agency, ANP, and the state of Rio de Janeiro. Carlos Minc is the state’s environment secretary.
Carlos Minc, Rio de Janeiro Environment Secretary: "We will file a civil action for compensations to damages and diffused goods such as marine biodiversity and coastal environment. And it is important to mention that in a public lawsuit there is not a 50-million limit. Our initial estimate is that this value could double, it could reach 100 million reals, $55 million dollars."

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