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Via Truthout: President Obama's Real Proposal (and Why It's Risky)

President Obama's Real Proposal (and Why It's Risky)

Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog: "Let’s get real. Ten or twelve-year budgets are baloney. It’s hard enough to forecast budgets a year or two into the future... The practical question is how to get out of the ongoing gravitational pull of this awful recession without cow-towing to extremists on the right who think the U.S. government is their mortal enemy. For President Obama, it’s also about how to get reelected... Seen in this light, Obama’s plan isn’t really a budget proposal. It’s a process proposal."

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Mario Cortella - Sabe com quem você esta falando?

Via JMG: A Tax Day Special—The U.S. is a low-tax country

From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a few charts to comfort you on Tax Day. More like this here (h/t Paul Krugman):

There are ten of these in this great post, and every one is a gem. Do click through.

Something to think about when the supermarket-tabloid myths get told near you.


Via AmericaBlog: BREAKING: House Republicans overwhelmingly vote to phase out Medicare

Yikes. They're going for it. Think Progress:
When President Obama proposed ensuring affordable health care to all Americans, Congress spent a year hashing out how best to achieve this goal. Yet when Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) decided that he wanted to phase out Medicare, the GOP-controlled House took only two weeks to debate and pass this radical proposal. This afternoon, House Republicans overwhelming endorsed his plan to eliminate Medicare, slash education, and jack up the middle class’ taxes. 235 Republicans supported the Medicare elimination bill, with just 4 GOPers casting a vote to leave Medicare unmolested[.]

The centerpiece of the House Republicans’ plan is a proposal that repeals traditional Medicare and replaces it with a health insurance voucher that loses its value over time. Because the value of the Republicans’ privatized Medicare replacement does not keep up with the cost of health care, their plan will gradually eliminate Medicare because its increasingly worthless vouchers will eventually only cover a very tiny fraction of the cost of a health insurance plan.
On the roll call vote, all Democrats voted No, and all Republicans except Jones, McKinley, Ron Paul, and Rehberg voted Yes.

Think Progress helpfully reminds us of Paul Ryan's hidden tax cut. The Center for American Progress has a nice summary:
Rep. Ryan’s budget simply doesn’t describe exactly how his tax plan would work, instead resorting to broad bullet points that conveniently skip over important details. Nonetheless, the broad outlines of his tax plan are to:
  • Maintain the Bush-era tax cuts beyond their expiration in 2012 and cut the top individual tax rate down to 25 percent from 35 percent
  • Consolidate the current six tax brackets into some, unspecified, fewer number of brackets
  • Keep overall tax revenue levels the same
  • Pay for the enormous tax cut for the top by eliminating or curtailing some, unspecified, tax expenditures
No shared sacrifice for you, Middle Class America; unless, of course, we can convince you this is it.

Let the games begin.

Barcelona usa sistema subterrâneo para descartar lixo

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Frase do dia / Quote of the Day

Talvez, o meio da estrada (ou, meio caminho andado), é assegurar que as pessoas acreditem naquilo que elas fazem. Mas, acima de tudo, o que é mais motivador, mais valioso e mais poderoso para que nos tornemos conscientes de nossas responsabilidades, é saber que os outros acreditam em nós. Não há palavras que descrevam como nos sentimos sobre os sacrifícios que foram impostos àqueles que creram, não somente em nós, mas naquilo que nós cremos.

Perhaps the middle of the road (or the half way point) is to have people believe in what they do.  But above all, what is most motivating, most valued and most powerful in making us conscious of our responsibilities, is to know that others believe in us.  There are no words that describe how we feel about the sacrifices imposed on those who not only believed in us but believed in what we believed in.
 - Albert Einstein

Via Buzzflash: Screw the Deficit: Let's Get Back to the Work of Creating Jobs and Rebuilding America

Screw the Deficit: Let's Get Back to the Work of Creating Jobs and Rebuilding America

Personally, I don't see our country's deficit as the most pressing priority. Although it didn't take watching the History Channel's startling revelation, The Crumbling of America, to convince me that rebuilding our infrastructure is an imminent priority, it did magnify the pending calamity which we have confined ourselves if we do nothing.

But, saying No to everything and doing nothing except tax cuts for their wealthiest election campaign contributors is exactly what Republicans want. Maybe they will wake up if we have a tsunami, a major earthquake and a Fukushima-like nuclear plant meltdown. But that would require preparation and attention to our collapsing infrastructure which would require siphoning tax dollars away from their benefactors like the billionaire Koch brothers.

We are doing nothing because the Republicans say we can't afford it. We can't afford to fix crumbling bridges and roads, collapsing dams and levees, rebuild our water delivery systems that are absorbing toxic chemicals, poisonous fertilizers and human fecal waste, rebuild an electricity grid that is 100 years old and totally inadequate to receive power from new energy sources such as wind, thermal and solar, repair the tens of thousands of miles of roads and highways, aging rail systems, health care clinics and hospitals, communications, strengthen air quality requirements, food safety inspections, water purity, build more schools and hire more teachers, train doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical caregivers and of course, equitable, affordable and accessible health care for all American citizens.

There are currently over 1500 bills contained in the 112th Congress in the House of Representatives. I mention this because there are literally scores of bills that are near and dear to the hearts of the corporate-owned Republicans who represent a total sell-out to the behemoth agribusiness, health care insurance and pharmaceutical industries, Big Coal, Big Oil and the Wall Street swindlers and the too-big-to fail banking and financial industries. Some of their bills, unbelievably strip funding away from Homeland Security, ostensibly because security inspections and protections slow down the flow of incoming shipments of cheap, foreign-made goods into America.

Here is but one of the withering attacks on the EPA in the Republicans' irrational goal for freeing up corporate polluters and oil drillers to pollute with impunity, excising regulations that seek only to protect the air we breathe and the water we drink:

H.R. 1405 is symptomatic of the Republican Party's selling out of America to their wealthy contributors, driven by an almost insane obsession to gut every federal agency, privatize Social Security, voucher out Medicare for seniors, impoverish the young by offering no safety net at all when they reach retirement age and drive down America's standard of living to the level of a Third World country.

Other Republican-sponsored bills are part of their withering blitzkrieg of legislation that borders on larcenous, extortionist attempts to squeeze more and more out of what is left of America's middle class by transferring ever greater amounts of  our country's wealth to the richest 2%.

H.R. 87 is a Tea Party Michele Bachmann-sponsored bill that seeks to repeal the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act and her accompanying bill, H.R. 86 that lowers the corporate tax rate to 25% from 35%

Her colleague, David Dreier, is the sponsor of H.R. 99 which lowers the corporate tax rate to 25% and lowers the capital gains tax from the obscenely low 15% down to 10%.

The Tea Party is the vile extremist element of the same depraved failed Republican Party and there is little difference ideologically between their feigned schisms. Even the lachrymose Speaker, John Boehner, stated on record that there is no daylight between his ovine flock of Republicans and the rotted ideology of the insidious hate-Obama Tea Party.

Screw the deficit. We can put Americans back to work with a Manhattan-like project that brings in new technology, newer, better and stronger building materials and alternative energy. We can wean  our country away from the dependency on fossil fuels such as dirty, air-choking sulfur dioxide-spewing coal and oil refinery atmosphere-heating carbon dioxide emissions. We can create real jobs that pay decent livable wages and salaries. We can once again be the envy of the free world and exemplars of human diligence, intelligence and endeavor.

All the howling over the deficit will disappear once millions of Americans get back to work, earn fair and livable wages while home ownership will be a reality, not a dream, and states will have enough incentives for businesses to invest in America, not China, India or Bangladesh where their citizens are exploited in the same manner as were those 146 young people who died in a horrific fire at the Triangle Waist Company factory in New York City in 1911.

But, as long as we are burdened and weighted down with the doctrinaire dictates of cowardly Republicans and their Tea Party spawn who are satisfied with legislation by scare tactics, fear, paranoia and capitulation to the corporate greedheads, we will remain stifled and inhibited from progress.

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Via Kevin Wehr, President, CFA Capitol Chapter:


Yesterday was amazing. Students, staff, and faculty filled the library quad in historic numbers at yesterday's rally; crowd estimates came in at about 1500 people. All major news outlets were there. Thank you to all who worked to make this an amazing event.

If that wasn't inspiring enough, students led a march around campus, ending at Sacramento Hall to present President Gonzalez with almost 1000 signatures to a petition calling on him to protect instruction in these terrible budgetary times. As you may know, the presidents of all the campuses were called to the Chancellor's Office yesterday for a meeting.

Unbeknownst to me, more than 200 students sat down and occupied Sacramento Hall. Administration buildings on 11 other campuses were similarly occupied by students.  A small group of faculty stayed with the students to support them and make sure that everything was calm and secure. Thankfull the students were peaceful and the police were very professional.

The students were inspiring. I watched as they spoke with several administrators, including the Provost and VP Mike Lee. None of them could reassure the students of some basic demands--that the President would meet with them to discuss the issues the students were raising.

The students were peaceful and respectful, but resolute. When it became clear that noone but the President could make any decisions or offer any assurances, the students decided to wait there in Sacramento Hall for the President to return. 18 students have occupied the building peacefully all night, patiently waiting for their demands to be met.

All this came as a shock to me, but I am proud of them for taking charge of their education and for standing up for what they believe in. They believe in the CSU. And I believe in them.

In solidarity,

Kevin Wehr
President, CFA Capitol Chapter
Assoc. Prof. of Sociology
CSU Sacramento

Supporting Higher Education

Sac State in 30 Seconds


Headline - Special Edition
California Faculty Association picture

Special Headlines April 14, 2011


Thousands take a stand for quality education, fair contracts on all 23 CSU campuses on April 13
CSU Sacramento students continue sit-in at Sacramento Hall
On all 23 campuses of the California State University, people put down their pencils and notebooks and picked up bullhorns and picket signs yesterday to oppose continued budget cuts undermining public education and Wisconsin-style attacks on the rights of public university workers. 

Faculty, students and staff marched, waved signs and occupied buildings on the common theme to “Take Class Action” for quality public higher education. 

Campus communities took action in other states as well, including Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts; other action by public college and university supporters in other states is upcoming. 

While reports and photos of specific campus events continue to pour in, CFA estimates that between 12,000 and 14,000 people participated on CSU campuses. 

Yesterday’s events drew massive media coverage from across the country. The Los Angeles Times ran a front page story. 

For a sampling of this coverage view the results of a Google News search.
“What we saw yesterday was the first major salvo in our latest campaign to bring quality higher education to students and fair contracts for faculty and staff,” said CFA President Lillian Taiz. 

“But our work is not done. We must continue to keep the heat on Chancellor Reed and other decision makers who are threatening quality higher education.” 

This momentous day of action in the CSU laid out five important demands for the university management: 

• Spend money on classes— cut management bloat
• Stop layoffs and job losses for faculty and staff
• Bargain fair contracts for faculty and staff
• Keep the University public— No more fee hikes
• Support CSU transparency and oil extraction bills 

The day took a new turn at 1 pm when some of the student protestors – along with some faculty supporters – from at least 11 of the 23 campuses of the CSU campuses marched into administration buildings and sat down. Students at a twelfth campus, CSU Long Beach, attempted an occupation but were rebuffed when administrators barred the doors and closed the building for business for the remainder of the day. 

The students who held the occupations in protest of budget cuts also demanded the resignation of CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. 

“These occupations are representative of an entire generation of students who are seeing their California dreams slip away because of budget cuts and executive mismanagement,” said CFA Vice President Kim Geron, who joined the students at CSU East Bay during their occupation. 

Geron continued, “Who can blame students for being upset when year after year they continue to pay more and get less in return.” 

As of this writing, students at CSU Sacramento continue to occupy the campus administration building, Sacramento Hall. Their vigil is now in its second day and they say they will not leave until their demands are met. 

Faculty, including CSU Sacramento CFA Chapter President Kevin Wehr, and a growing crowd of other students have gone to Sacramento Hall to lend support. 

As classes "cycled through," reports Wehr, "one hundred-plus students are teaching each other about budget cuts, politics, the trustees. A great moment — a dance class performed "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz." Check it out on the CSUS web page.
Lawmakers, including Assembly members Richard Pan and Anthony Portantino, who visited the sit-in site, as well as state Senator Leland Yee, have pledged support for the student occupiers. 

Use the link to Twitter above for real time news about the occupation at Sacramento Hall.
Watch for an updated report about April 13 and the Sacramento Sit-In in CFA Headlines next Tuesday. 

Rep. Crowley (D-NY) - Speechless

Four from Truthout:

Paul Krugman | For Alan Greenspan, Redemption, and Wisdom, Remain Elusive
Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: "Mr. Greenspan is an ex-maestro. His reputation is pushing up the daisies, it has gone to meet its maker, it has joined the choir invisible. He's no longer the Man Who Knows; he's the man who presided over an economy careening to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression - and who saw no evil, heard no evil, refused to do anything about subprime, insisted that derivatives made the financial system more stable, and denied not only that there was a national housing bubble, but that such a bubble was even possible."
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Report: Big Profits Drove Faulty Ratings at Moody's, S&P
Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers: "Profits at both companies soared, with revenues at market leader Moody's more than tripling in five years. Then the bottom fell out of the housing market, and Moody's stock lost 70 percent of its value; it has yet to fully recover. More than 90 percent of AAA ratings given in 2006 and 2007 to pools of mortgage-backed securities were downgraded to junk status. Wednesday's report provided greater detail about the behavior of Brian Clarkson, the president of Moody's at the time of his departure in mid-2008, when the financial crisis was in full bloom."
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The Planet Strikes Back
Michael T. Klare, TomDispatch: "To grasp our present situation, however, it's necessary to distinguish between naturally recurring planetary disturbances and the planetary responses to human intervention. Both need a fresh look, so let's start with what Earth has always been capable of before we turn to the responses of Eaarth, the avenger. Our planet is a complex natural system, and like all such systems, it is continually evolving. As that happens - as continents drift apart, as mountain ranges rise and fall, as climate patterns shift - earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, typhoons, prolonged droughts, and other natural disturbances recur, even if on an irregular and unpredictable basis."
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Radioactive Human Embryos: Our Nuclear Legacy?
Dr. Brian Moench, Truthout: "In the 1940s, many of the world's premier nuclear scientists saw mounting evidence that there was no safe level of exposure to nuclear radiation. This led Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb, to oppose development of the hydrogen bomb. In the 1950s, Linus Pauling, the only two-time winner of the Nobel Prize, began warning the public about exposure to all radiation. His opinion, ultimately shared by thousands of scientists worldwide, led President Kennedy to sign the nuclear test-ban treaty."
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CSUS President Gonzalez re; Statewide Demonstrations

To All Faculty, Staff and Students:

I have returned from meeting with the Chancellor and my fellow campus presidents in Long Beach and want to update everyone on yesterday’s demonstration and sit-in in Sacramento Hall.

The reports I’ve received indicate that everyone was peaceful, and no problems were caused. I appreciate the students and faculty organizers who worked to assure peaceful proceedings throughout the day.

Yesterday, Provost Joseph Sheley and Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs Ming-Tung “Mike” Lee spoke with students and answered their questions.

I also met with students this morning at their request to listen to their concerns and answer any questions I could. They presented me with a list of demands, and we will post those online in cooperation with the student organizers.

As for my meeting in Long Beach, part of the discussion focused on the realities of an all-cuts budget. Without additional revenue from the state, the California State University could face a reduction of $1 billion.

This would be devastating for a state that once had a public higher education system that was the envy of the world. I pledge to continue working to avoid this scenario, and I ask that we all work together to send this message to our elected leaders and the people of California.

As it stands now, we continue to prepare for a $500 million reduction – and the plan is to accomplish that without additional increases in tuition fees or drastic cuts in enrollment. A cut of $1 billion would call into question the very survival of the CSU and seriously jeopardize the access and quality we have been able to maintain for our students.

I will continue to send regular budget updates to the campus, and I thank everyone for their work on behalf of our students.


Alexander Gonzalez

This is Why I live here / É por isso que eu vivo aqui

Last night was Josh´s last nite in Ouro Prêto before he got the bus to Rio. We took him to a little restaurant in the praça by our house... and since we had neglected an important part of his Brazilian education in regards to caipirinhas... we all drank to his next leg of the his journey... it was of course decided that he needed another (mais um!) in order to sleep on the night bus to Rio. When the time came, we all walked back to the house, got his bags and then to Silvia & João´s as Silvia offered to drive him to the rodoviária. When we got there, he couldn´t find his ticket... he had lost it soemwhere! I walked back to the car thinking he had dropped it in the estacionamento, when Silva shouted it was here. A woman, who worked it the restaurant had gone all the way up to the rodoviário to give him his ticket! He had dropped it in the restaurant!

It´s good here! / Aqui é Bom demais!

Via JMG: Spin Spin Sugar

New York Times Magazine has published a mammoth feature asking whether sugar and high-fructose corn syrup is really as bad for us as it seems. Short answer: yes. (He said as he reached for another Reese's Cup.)

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Misc fotos

Heloisa na Rua Alvarenga

Preparations for Dilma

This Is Not My Beautiful House

Via JMG: LA Times Headline Writer FTW

(Via - Mother Jones)

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Robin Hood in Reverse

Via Truthout: President Barack Obama | The Country We Believe in

President Barack Obama, The White House: "From our first days as a nation, we have put our faith in free markets and free enterprise as the engine of America's wealth and prosperity. More than citizens of any other country, we are rugged individualists, a self-reliant people with a healthy skepticism of too much government. But there has always been another thread running throughout our history - a belief that we are all connected; and that there are some things we can only do together, as a nation. We believe, in the words of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, that through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves."
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Via SacBee: Protesters occupy building on Sacramento campus

Published: Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011 - 2:31 pm
More than 100 faculty members, students and staff have occupied a building at California State University, Sacramento as part of a statewide mobilization against pending cuts to higher education.

An early afternoon rally on Wednesday began with more than 600 protesters, who blamed CSU Chancellor Charles Reed for not doing enough to oppose cuts California lawmakers are using to close the state's $26.6 billion budget deficit.

Gov. Jerry Brown already signed into law a $1 billion reduction to higher education, but that number could grow if taxes are not increased, as the Democratic governor wants.

The protestors marched from the school's library quad to an administrative building to present a set of petitions. Law enforcement officials were inside, but it is unclear whether university administrators were prepared for the occupation.

Read more:

TV UFOP SITE 12/04/2011

Quote of the Day via the Coffee Party Movement

‎"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; It is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." - FDR
Join the Coffee Party Movement

In The Land Of The Northern Lights

In The Land Of The Northern Lights from Ole Christian Salomonsen on Vimeo.

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Two from Truthout:

William Rivers Pitt | I Remember America
William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "It has not always been this way. Maybe we're all suckers for the down-the-memory-hole 24-hour news cycle nonsense that has afflicted this country for far too long already, because it is getting harder and harder to remember the simple fact that it has not always been this way. This, however, is how it is now. On Wednesday, the Democratic president of the United States will stand somberly before a bank of television cameras to announce the orderly annihilation of the social contract that has guarded and sustained the American people for generations."
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Paul Krugman | An Inferior Argument for American Superiority
Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: "Aaron Carroll, in his health-care-focused blog 'The Incidental Economist,' had a very good takedown of a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed article by Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who basically exploits his infant daughter's medical experience to make an incoherent attack on the Affordable Care Act. 'Today is the first anniversary of the greatest single assault on our freedom in my lifetime: the signing of ObamaCare,' Senator Johnson wrote on March 23. 'As we consider what this law may do to our country, I can't help but reflect on a medical miracle made possible by the American health-care system.'"
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Via CFA:

California Faculty Association

April 12, 2011 California Faculty Association »
In this issue

The Time has Come to Take “Take Class Action”

Tomorrow – Wednesday April 13, 2011 – faculty members on all 23 campuses in the CSU system will join together with students and staff to take “Class Action” in defense of public higher education.
Will you be there?
To send a strong message, this day needs you -- the faculty members as well as the students and staff — to show up and show you care. This action is critical in the fight to win a fair contract for faculty and staff and protect quality education for students.
“Tomorrow, it's our turn to keep the daringly radical but unfailingly simple notion of the CSU alive — the idea that no matter where you're born or how little your parents have, no matter what you look like or what you believe in, you can still receive an affordable, accessible and high quality education in the California State University,” said CFA president Lillian Taiz, a professor of History at CSU Los Angeles.
California Faculty Association picture

Faculty, Students Across the Country Hold April Actions

Throughout the country faculty, students and union members already have begun to take “class action” for quality education and to protect unions’ rights and vital services for the public.
In Washington State, thousands of union members and educators poured into the state Capitol Friday calling on lawmakers to "put people first" by ending corporate tax breaks and painful cuts to colleges and other public programs.
Buses began arriving at the Capitol hours before the noon rally, carrying faculty members, students, iron workers, firefighters and others concerned about the scarcity of jobs, the rising cost of college and the security of their pensions. The Washington State Patrol estimated 7,000 people gathered outside the main legislative building, while labor group leaders put the figure closer to 12,000.
Protesters said they hoped the demonstration would be a powerful reminder to lawmakers about who is being affected by their decisions.
"We need to remind them that we need changes right now, not later," said Tim Haslett, an electrical worker and father of five from Seattle who has been unemployed for most of the past two years. "I'm trying to do everything I can to pay for my youngest daughter to go to college next year, but I don't know how I'm going to be able to do that if there are no jobs."
On April 13, colleges and universities throughout the country will join with CFA’s efforts here in California and take “Class Action” in support of quality education.
Scroll down to the bottom of the list of April 13 events to see actions that are taking place on (and near) colleges campuses outside of California.
These Actions in April are a prelude to the launch of a national campaign by faculty organizations on public college and university campuses. On May 17, the “Campaign for the Future of Higher Education” will officially launch at a news conference in Washington DC.

CFA Assembly Adopts Resolution to Escalate Contract Campaign

At the 74th CFA Assembly – held last weekend in San Francisco – chapter delegates unanimously approved a resolution proclaiming April 13 the beginning of CFA’s campaign to win a fair contract.
The resolution authorizes the union to escalate its tactics, stating in part:
It has been nine months since our last contract expired. Having seen very little progress at the bargaining table to date, we affirm the following:
Assuming the faculty contract is not settled this spring, the 74th CFA Assembly urges local chapter and statewide governance to plan and implement activities and actions designed to pressure the CSU and its bargaining team to agree to a fair contract. These activities should include:
  • Actions in May and throughout the summer that will pressure the Chancellor and selected CSU Trustees;
  • Escalating actions during the opening weeks of the fall term that will galvanize the campuses and encourage even broader participation among the faculty, students, and staff;
More details on the other goings-on at the CFA Assembly will appear in a future edition of CFA Headlines.

Talks | TEDx Jackson Browne: "If I Could Be Anywhere"

Via Utne:

The 30-Minute Meditation Method

New research suggests meditating 30 minutes a day for eight weeks can change the parts of your brain that regulate emotions and memory.

Via AmericaBlog: Maybe it is time to let the GOP destroy the economy

My income is less than half what it was before the recession. And I know people that have been looking for a job for a year. It's tough out there. But at some point, maybe we have to consider whether we're going about this all the wrong way.

If the Republicans want to make a political/electoral issue out of the debt ceiling, then let's not raise it. Hand the keys to the legislation, to to speak, to Boehner and McConnell, and tell them it's their choice whether the legislation passes. And when it doesn't pass, and the world economy melts down, no one will elect a Republican for decades to come.

I'm simply tired of dealing with Democrats who don't have half a brain or half a backbone, and Republicans who would rather demagogue, and lie, than fix the country.

Why keep paying ransom to the hostage takers?

Maybe it's time to simply let Atlas shrug.
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