Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Via JMG: S O H N - The Wheel

Joe says, 

"I came across this yesterday and probably played it two dozen times during last night's election madness. Prefix Mag nails their review:
London-bred, Vienna-based talent S O H N has had us transfixed with pretty much everything he's released so far; last month's "Red Lines" in particular. Today the singer/songwriter/producer debuts his very first music video, pairing his melancholy number, "The Wheel"—one he describes as "a big sigh"—with vintage footage of natural wonders, machinery and space launches. It's all one big metaphor for the movement the song engenders—our emotions included.
There's no easy category for The Wheel, but it very much evokes the same feeling I had for Olive's monster 1996 drum & bass track, You're Not Alone.  Definitely will be in my year-end top ten."

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