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Letter from a moderate Republican.

"You didn’t lose because you 'weren’t conservative enough' or because the country has become full of lazy 'takers' who don’t want to earn a living or just want America to 'turn in to Europe'.

"You didn’t lose because of Hurricane Sandy or because Chris Christie hugged the President on TV – they were both doing their jobs.

"You didn’t lose because of a liberal media, liberal college campuses, liberal polls that were 'weighted to Democrats' (mostly because they were accurate), or because of 'election fraud'… actually, that probably benefited you this time.

"No. You lost because your policies, tone, conspiracies, rigid inflexibility and irrational rhetoric helped align enough moderates, swing voters, and minority groups whom otherwise could be persuaded by Republicans, to align with Democrats and a beatable incumbent.

"It’s not that you didn’t get your message out, it’s that we all actually heard it and threw up a little in our mouths."

Via Brasil / FB: Monte Roraima

Uma das belezas do mundo!
Monte Roraima, na fronteira entre Brasil, Venezuela e Guiana. Espetacular!
One of the beauties of the world!  // Mount Roraima, on the border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. Spectacular!  

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GREED: (n). "An inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs, especially with respect to material wealth." (see avarice or selfishness)

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Via JMG: Big Bird Loses Nest To Hurricane Sandy

On this morning's episode of Sesame Street, Big Bird returned from hurricane evacuation to discover that his nest had been destroyed.
In the episode, Big Bird checks on his home only to find the storm has destroyed his nest. His friends and neighbors soon pitch in and fix his home — but Mitt Romney’s fowl foil experiences a range of emotions, from sadness to anger to confusion. “We were looking for something to showcase the power of community overcoming a terrible event,” said Nadine Zylstra, “Sesame Street” supervising producer. On the show, the bird’s friends help him cope with his emotions by talking about what happened, drawing pictures together, and giving him lots of hugs. They also comfort the colossal condor by offering him temporary places he can eat, sleep, and play.
Some of the scenes used today were actually shot as part of a special aired in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

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Via Climate Progress: Five Essential EPA Pollution Rules To Finalize In Obama’s Next Term

Posted: 09 Nov 2012 09:25 AM PST


by Danielle Baussan and Daniel J. Weiss

In the wake of Tuesday’s historic presidential victory, a newly reelected President Barack Obama can continue his efforts to protect our nation’s public health from the ravages of pollution. Voters rejected Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s high-profile campaign proposals to rely on antiquated, dirty, coal-fired power plants and overturn other new public health safeguards. The president’s new mandate provides his administration with the backing to complete unfinished Environmental Protection Agency safeguards before his inauguration on January 20, 2013, to a second term of office.

A number of vital proposed health safeguards from power plant, vehicle, and industrial pollution still linger in administrative limbo. It is unclear why these rules were held up, but now that the president will remain in the White House, this unfinished business must be completed. These actions would clear the regulatory slate, enabling the administration to address two big problems in its second term:
  • Reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants and other industrial sources
  • Strengthening the ozone smog health standard to provide more protection for children, seniors, and other vulnerable people
Make no mistake: The tragic fatalities and billions of dollars of damages from Hurricane Sandy are yet another warning about the imperative to further reduce climate change pollution. Building on the standards to reduce carbon pollution from motor vehicles adopted during his first term can be a major legacy of President Obama’s second term.

Here’s a list of five major and essential Environmental Protection Agency rules to protect public health that the administration should finalize immediately as a prelude to President Obama’s climate-change and pollution-reduction agenda in his second term.

Reduce carbon pollution from new power plants

In March 2012 the Environmental Protection Agency released a draft rule limiting carbon pollution from new power plants. This standard was promulgated in response to the 2007 Supreme Court ruling requiring the agency to regulate carbon dioxide emissions under the Clean Air Act if it found that carbon dioxide emissions endangered public health and the environment. The agency published such a finding in 2009, noting that carbon-pollution-associated climate change will increase the frequency of unusually higher temperatures and heat waves.

Increased temperatures can increase the risk for formation of ground level ozone or smog. Breathing ozone may lead to shortness of breath and chest pain; increased risk of asthma attacks; increased susceptibility to respiratory infections; need for medical treatment and for hospitalization for people with lung diseases, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; and premature death. Children and senior citizens are most vulnerable to harm from smog.

The Environmental Protection Agency held several listening sessions while drafting the proposal, held two public hearings on the proposed rule, and extended the comment period to 73 days. Almost 3 million comments were sent to the agency in favor of reducing carbon pollution from both new and existing power plants—a record for an Environmental Protection Agency rule proposal. The agency is now in the midst of finalizing its rule.

The Obama administration must act quickly to create a new generation of cleaner power plants so that it can begin to develop a carbon pollution reduction regime for existing power plants.

Reduce hazardous pollution from industrial boilers

The Clean Air Act requires the Environmental Protection Agency to issue rules limiting the hazardous air pollutant emissions (which include mercury, carcinogens, and particulates) from large industrial, commercial, or institutional boilers. The rule, known within the agency and around Capitol Hill as the MACT Boiler Rule, was first published in 2003, but it has been delayed for almost a decade.

The D.C. Circuit Court vacated (voided) the 2004 rule in 2007 because it excluded many types of industrial boilers from pollution controls. The Environmental Protection Agency then issued a revised final rule by a court-imposed deadline of March 2011, but delayed that rule for another, “reconsidered” version that was released in December 2011.

That reconsidered rule would apply to less than 1 percent of boilers while reducing enough pollution to avoid up to 8,100 premature deaths, 5,100 heart attacks, and 52,000 cases of aggravated asthma every year. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans would receive $12 to $30 in health benefits for every dollar spent to reduce these pollutants. After administrative and legal delays, the Environmental Protection Agency should issue the final rule by the end of 2012.

Finalizing this rule by January could end years of delayed protection from toxic mercury and improve public health.

Reduce smog pollution from cars, light trucks, and gasoline

The Environmental Protection Agency’s “Tier 2” Vehicle and Gasoline Sulfur Program was finalized in February 2000. The program reduced about 90 percent of sulfur from gasoline and created tailpipe emissions standards for model year vehicles from 2004 to 2009. More than a decade later, a “Tier 3” standard is being developed that relies on improved technology to reduce the impact of motor vehicles on air quality and public health by establishing new standards for vehicles and gasoline.

These standards wouldn’t just affect motor vehicles in the future; gasoline standards would improve public health immediately. Sulfur additives in gasoline can make cars less efficient, which increases vehicle emissions. Those emissions include volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide that form smog and harm humans. The National Association of Clean Air Agencies estimates that anticipated reductions of sulfur in gasoline would be the equivalent of removing 33 million light cars and trucks off the road.

Another study found that a Tier 3 rule could reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 25 percent in the Northeast United States alone. Nitrogen oxide contributes to ozone smog and acid rain, and impairs public health. It’s estimated that the avoided harms to public health in the Northeastern part of the United States in 2018 would have an economic value of up to $1.2 billion (in 2006 dollars). It could cost less than one penny per gallon of gasoline and approximately $150 per new vehicle while simultaneously reducing smog ingredients. This reduction can avoid more than 400 premature deaths and 52,000 lost workdays each year.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose lowering the sulfur standard from 30 parts per million to 10 parts per million, similar to standards in many European countries, in Japan, and in California. The Tier 3 rule has not yet been proposed, but many affected industries, including a consortium of global automakers, have pressed the agency to move forward with its rulemaking.

Modernize protection from soot

In June 2012 the Environmental Protection Agency proposed to strengthen the nation’s air quality health standards for fine particulate matter. Commonly referred to as soot, this pollutant is a mix of small particles like nitrates, sulfates, or dust that are 2.5 micrometers in diameter or smaller, which comes from vehicles, power plants, and other industrial sources. When inhaled, these particles can lodge in the lungs, causing serious health effects.

This new rule would improve public health and visibility by swiftly limiting short-term soot exposure. Long-term exposure to soot can cause premature death and is linked to heart attacks and strokes. Some studies suggest that long-term soot exposure may be linked to cancer and to harmful developmental and reproductive effects in children, such as infant mortality and low birth weight.

The soot standard has a long history. The Environmental Protection Agency began its first review process of air quality standards for fine particle soot in 1997. The D.C. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the rule for five years. Pursuant to a 2003 modified consent decree, the agency published its proposed revisions to the PM 2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standard on January 17, 2006. The agency issued its final rule on October 17, 2006.

In 2009 the D.C. Circuit Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency had to reconsider its fine-particle soot standard because it improperly issued weak, less-protective standards. The agency proposed revisions on June 29, 2012, and agreed to finalize the air quality standards by December 14, 2012, as part of a settlement to a lawsuit.

The Obama administration should publish its final rule on December 14 and put an end to the delay of this new respiratory health safeguard.

Improve clean air quality standards for cement manufacturing

In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposed rule to further limit soot, mercury, and other hazardous pollutants from existing and new cement kilns. Cement manufacturing is one of the largest industrial sources of mercury pollution in our nation. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the rule would eliminate 92 percent of the mercury and fine-particulate soot emissions from cement kilns.
The rule was challenged in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which found that the agency’s cement standards were fine but that storage standards for clinker needed to be reconsidered. When clinker (the mix of raw materials used to make cement) is fired in a kiln, it causes the emission of particulates and hazardous chemicals, including mercury. It can continue to emit some hazardous chemicals when stored in piles.

In June 2012 the Environmental Protection Agency proposed changes to the Portland cement rule; it held a public hearing in August. On September 9 the agency submitted its final rule, which will take effect today. The Obama administration must be prepared to defend this standard against legal challenges so it will protect people from breathing in mercury from cement manufacturing.

Moving now against climate change

Now that President Obama has been reelected, let’s hope he focuses his energy on protecting us from mercury, soot, and toxic air pollutants. He can make a down payment on that effort in his second term of office by taking action on these five essential Environmental Protection Agency rules in 2012.

Danielle Baussan is Associate Director of Government Affairs at the Center for American Progress. Daniel J. Weiss is a Senior Fellow and Director of Climate Strategy at the Center.

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Conversation: 'War Horse'

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“Christians can stop worrying about the symbols of the decline of Christian America and get back to the mission Jesus gave us to show the world a different way to live -- a way that demonstrates the great character of God: his love, his justice, his compassion, his forgiveness and his reconciliation” {excerpt from the article} (jack)
Christians can stop worrying about the symbols of the decline of Christian America and get back to the mission Jesus gave us to show the world a different way to live -- a way that demonstrates the great character of God.

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Via JMG: Something Cool That Will Never Happen

How about this:
A giant donut walkway could soon hover above New York's Grand Central Station in plans to restore the transport hub to its former glory as the glittering gateway into America's commercial heartland. The circular gallery would be suspended hundreds of feet in the air between two skyscrapers and will move up and down to give visitors views across the city from different heights, similar to the London Eye. The ambitious design is one of three proposals submitted to the Municipal Art Society of New York who will chose the winner after a lengthy public consultation.
More artist renderings at the link.

Via JMG: Next Issue of Newsweek

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Picket Fence Apocalypse

Picket Fence Apocalypse

No, you cannot have your country back. America is moving forward.

That’s the message voters sent the Republican Party and its Tea Party wing Tuesday night when they re-elected President Obama and strengthened the Democrats’ control of the Senate.

Hurricane Sandy Tribute


By Kevin Drum
Its birth certificate says that the tea party was born one month after Barack Obama's inauguration, on the day that CNBC's Rick Santelli delivered a blistering on-air tirade against Obama's mortgage bailout plan. But that's only the official story. In reality, we've seen the tea party before. When FDR was president, it was called the Liberty League. When JFK was president, it was the John Birch Society. When Bill Clinton was president, it was the Vince Foster conspiracy theorists. America's far right fluoresces like this whenever a Democrat is in the White House, and Obama's first term was no exception.
But the tea party burned bright and fell fast. [READ MORE]

JMG Headline Of The Day

The headline is from the British tabloid Daily Mail, but don't necessarily dismiss the source. In January I posted this item:
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says she wants to step off the “high wire of American politics” after two decades and is again tamping down speculation that she might stay in government if President Barack Obama wins a second term. “I have made it clear that I will certainly stay on until the president nominates someone and that transition can occur” if Obama wins re-election, she told a town hall meeting. “But I think after 20 years, and it will be 20 years, of being on the high wire of American politics and all of the challenges that come with that, it would be probably a good idea to just find out how tired I am.” But, she appeared to leave the door open for a possible eventual return, adding to laughter from the crowd that “everyone always says that when they leave these jobs.”
According to the Daily Mail, the top prospect to replace Clinton is Sen. John Kerry, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. If Clinton does indeed step down in January, the cries of "Hillary 2016!" will be deafening.

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JMG Quote Of The Day - Charles Blow

"No, you cannot have your country back. America is moving forward.
That’s the message voters sent the Republican Party and its Tea Party wing Tuesday night when they re-elected President Obama and strengthened the Democrats’ control of the Senate. No amount of outside money or voter suppression or fear mongering or lying — and there was a ton of each — was enough to blunt that message. President Obama and his formidable campaign machine out-performed the Republicans, holding together a winning coalition that is the face of America’s tomorrow: young voters, urban voters, racially and ethnically diverse voters and women voters. You would think that the world came to an end Tuesday night. And depending on your worldview, it might have. If your idea of America’s power structure is rooted in a 1950s or even a 1920s sensibility, here’s an update: that America is no more. Republicans are trying to hold back a storm surge of demographic change with a white picket fence. Good luck with that." - Charles Blow, writing for the New York Times.

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Via JMG: Ann Coulter Has The Sadz

"If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. We have more takers than makers and it’s over. There is no hope.  Mitt Romney was the president we needed right now, and I think it is so sad that we are going to be deprived of his brain power, of his skills in turning companies around, turning the Olympics around, his kindness for being able to push conservative ideas on a country that no longer is interested in conservative ideas. It is interested in handouts." - Ann Coulter, speaking on Laura Ingraham's radio show.

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Via JMG: Bill O'Reilly Has The Sadz

"It’s not a traditional America anymore. And there are 50 percent of the voting public who want STUFF. They want THINGS. And who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it and he ran on it. Whereby 20 years ago, President Obama would have been roundly defeated by an establishment candidate like Mitt Romney. The voters, many of them, feel that the economic system is stacked against them, and they want STUFF. People feel that they are entitled to things, and which candidate between the two is going to give them things." - Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly.

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“It appears that those persons of conservative resolutions and loyalties still remain incorrigible enemies of America, and have a disposition to cast their influence into the scale against us, in order to enslave their brethren and posterity forever. And, after all the friendly expostulations and entreaties which we have been able to make use of, we are with great reluctance constrained to pronounce those, some of which have heretofore been our agreeable neighbors, moral traitorous patricides to the cause of freedom and equality. Let them be shunned and distressed by all means at our disposal until they renounce their indiscretions or remove themselves.” … Committee of Safety 1776

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Obama's Complete Victory Speech: Obama Wins the 2012 Election

Via JMG: S O H N - The Wheel

Joe says, 

"I came across this yesterday and probably played it two dozen times during last night's election madness. Prefix Mag nails their review:
London-bred, Vienna-based talent S O H N has had us transfixed with pretty much everything he's released so far; last month's "Red Lines" in particular. Today the singer/songwriter/producer debuts his very first music video, pairing his melancholy number, "The Wheel"—one he describes as "a big sigh"—with vintage footage of natural wonders, machinery and space launches. It's all one big metaphor for the movement the song engenders—our emotions included.
There's no easy category for The Wheel, but it very much evokes the same feeling I had for Olive's monster 1996 drum & bass track, You're Not Alone.  Definitely will be in my year-end top ten."

Via Nate Silver's Map:

Silver's prediction is on top.

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Obama é Reeleito

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Via JMG: Barack Obama REELECTED

All the networks including Fox News have called it. Congratulations to everybody here, this arguably means more to us that to anybody else.

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Via The Idealist / FB:Raise a glass to Vasilli Arkhipov - the Man Who Saved the World.

50 years ago, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov of the Soviet submarine B-59 refused to agree with his Captain's order to launch nuclear torpedos against US warships and setting off what might well have been a terminal superpower nuclear war.

The US had been dropping depth charges near the submarine in an attempt to force it to surface, unaware it was
carrying nuclear arms. The Soviet officers, who had lost radio contact with Moscow, concluded that World War 3 had begun, and 2 of the officers agreed to 'blast the warships out of the water'. Arkhipov refused to agree - unanimous consent of 3 officers was required

His story is finally being told - the BBC is airing a documentary on it.

Raise a glass to Vasilli Arkhipov - the Man Who Saved the World.

Thank you Susan, for what you went through and what you achieved.

Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined $100 for registering to vote.
Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined $100 for registering to vote.

25 reasons from 25 people who are voting Obama:

Obama - Biden  
25 reasons from 25 people who are voting Obama:

1. "The Affordable Care Act is saving my daughter's life."
Stacey, Arizona

2. "Obama is for the vets. He helped us wind down in Iraq, he's improved mental health policy with VA benefits."
Joel, Minnesota

3. "Obama stuck his neck out for us, the auto industry. He wasn't going to let it just die, and I'm driving in this morning because of that, because of him."
Brian, Ohio

4. "Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive."
Joe Biden, Delaware

5. "Supreme Court Supreme Court Supreme Court."
Andrew, California

6. "Arithmetic."
Bill Clinton, New York

7. "He cares for the 100 percent."
Shana, Texas

8. "When Obama came into office, he successfully renewed our country's place in the community of nations, making cooperation in tackling the world's challenges possible."
Willis, North Carolina

9. "The actions he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid."
Colin Powell, Virginia

10. "I was really very grateful to him for standing up for those kids who are having a really rough time out there because of their orientation."
Jane Lynch, California

11. "For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together."
Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey

12. "He has a real plan for rescuing the economy that passes the 'math' test."
Teresa, Virginia

13. "Having someone in office who understands how powerful our voice can be is very important."
Jay Z, New York

14. "I am voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because I can trust them to care for the middle class and restore the American dream."
Steven, Florida

15. "The first measure he signed into law after becoming president was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act -- so a female high school counselor or physical education teacher can fight for equal pay for equal work."
Connie Britton, California

16. "I believe in the America he wants for my grandchildren."
Nancy, Michigan

17. "We need four more years of repair, of helping the middle class achieve a sustainable economy."
James Taylor, North Carolina

18. "I've watched him fight for our country, stand by the middle class, the working class, the military, the education of our children, universal health care, women, the environment, and matters of national and domestic security."
Susan, Virginia

19. "The gifted 12-year-old I taught, whose parents were deported and left her here with her grandmother, will be allowed to stay and finish her education. She's been in the U.S. since age one."
Jamie, North Carolina

20. "I want our president to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics."
Michael Bloomberg, New York

21. "I have four children who are under 26 and able to stay on my health care plan. That's been huge."
Amy, Pennsylvania

22. "He's fighting to defend and better Social Security and Medicare -- because millions of Latino seniors rely on them."
Cristina Saralegui, Florida

23. "Thanks to the President's efforts to keep student loan rates low, I can expect to save nearly $1000 as I work to repay my student loans. And I don't have too many of those, thanks to the Federal Pell Grant program."
Sam, Minnesota

24. "It's been wonderful to have President Obama as a champion for access to health care for all women in this country."
Cecile Richards, New York

25. "Re-electing Barack Obama would lead to a stronger economic recovery than would be the case were Mitt Romney to win on November 6th."
Jared Bernstein, Washington, D.C.

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Via JMG Mark Cuban To Donald Trump: I'll Give You $1M To Shave That Thing On Your Head

Dallas Mavericks owner and loudmouth billionaire Mark Cuban says he'll donate $1 million to charity if Donald Trump will shave that rat's nest on his head.
The offer comes in response to Trump's recent public offer to President Obama. In a thoroughly ridiculous announcement last week, Trump pledged to donate $5 million to a charity of President Obama's choice if the president released top-secret mystery documents, like Obama's school transcripts. Trump then bashed President Obama in a new video this week for missing the arbitrary one-week deadline Trump gave him to respond to the $5 million offer. We join Donald Trump in his disbelief that the president didn't drop Hurricane Sandy relief coordination efforts, ditch tours of disaster-areas and bail on the final days of his re-election campaign so he could phone for a list of electives he took in high school and get personal references from his childhood babysitters. We're shocked. Absolutely shocked.
Trump has yet to respond via Twitter, his usual forum for attacks.

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Via JMG: The Latest New Yorker

The Latest New Yorker

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Via JMG: The Latest New York Magazine

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Via GOCOMICS: Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau

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