Friday, October 18, 2013

Via JMG: UTAH: Boy Scout Leaders Topple Ancient Rock Formation, Face Felony Charges

Via the Salt Lake Tribune:
A group of Boy Scout leaders is potentially facing felony charges for destroying a rock formation nearly 200 million years old. The trio of men was adventuring in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park when they decided to film themselves knocking over one of the formations, known as "goblins." One man can be seen leveraging himself against a nearby rock and pushing a formation over. "We have now modified Goblin Valley," the cameraman crows. "A new Goblin Valley exists with, uh, this boulder down here on the bottom. Muscles here pushed it off." The three laugh, cheer and high five each other. Utah State Parks officials were not so amused. "It is not only wrong, but there will be consequences," said spokesman Eugene Swalberg, noting that a criminal investigation is underway by the State Parks authorities.
The valley's unique landscape dates back to the Jurassic era.  

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