Friday, November 8, 2013

Via Lost San Francisco / FB: San Francisco - 1906 in HD

Sunday, April 14, 1906 - This short film was made Just 4 days before the great earthquake and fire. It shows Market Street (between about 6th Street and the Embarcadero) going east to the Ferry Building, by a camera attached to a cable car. There are numerous automobiles visible, as well as upscale shops and cafes. People are dressed in their "Sunday Best", not working clothes, because many had gone to church by the time this film was shot at around 3:45 pm. Over 3,000 people died on the following Thursday morning and nearly every building shown in this film was gutted by the fire. Only a few structures were rebuilt from the original frames, among them the Flood, Call, and Examiner buildings. The only reason this film survived is because it was sent to New York to be developed and was on its way there when the earthquake struck. This is a new high-resolution version of the film from Europe.

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