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From EDDRA2 listserve, Friday, April 4, 2014.

From EDDRA2 listserve, Friday, April 4, 2014.

The 2014 round of standardized exam administration got underway in several states this week. As predicted by FairTest and our Testing Resistance & Reform Spring (TRRS) allies, opt-out campaigns and other forms of protest exploded in many communities. In just the past three days, we've seen so many great news clips that we could not wait until our normal Tuesday distribution date to circulate them nationally.

Check out these stories about local activities around the nation and the great commentaries about why to protest, then go to the TRRS website -- -- and post your own events to show allies, the media and policy-makers the ever-growing strength of our movement.

Opt Your Children Out of State Testing: Don't Feed the Machine

Mistreating Students and Teachers in the Name of Higher Test Scores

Delaware Teachers Seek Indefinite Moratorium on Test-Based Evaluations

One Simple Sentence Can Opt Students Out of Iowa Standardized Exams

Cyber Attacks Paralyze Kansas Testing

Maine Educators Seek Moratorium on New Standardized Tests

Bill to Delay Test Use for Teacher Evaluation Heads to Maryland Governor
Maryland School Encounters Technical Problems With Common Core Field Test

Nashua, New Hampshire School Board Pushes to Delay Common Core Assessments

New Jersey Parents Must Push Back Against Test Overuse: Letter

New York Boycotts Protest Harmful Effects of Testing

At Least 30,000 New York Students Sit Out Standardized Exams

80% Opt Out at One Brooklyn School -- Parent Calls Movement "Common Sense"

Is Testing Taking Over Schools; Entire NYC Faculty Says Yes

New York "Teachers of Conscience" Refuse to Administer Common Core Tests

New York Won't Punish Schools Where Many Students Opted Out

Why Our Son Won't Take North Carolina's End-of-Grade Tests

Oklahoma Computerized Exams Experience Technical Problems

Rebellion Against Standardized Testing Spreads to Pennsylvania

Tennessee Advances Bill to Bar Linking Student Test Scores to Teacher Licensing

Parents in 30 Texas Districts Submit Opt-Out Letters

Congressman: Federal Testing Reform Would Empower Local Schools

Rep. Gibson's Bill to Reduce Federal Testing Mandates

Federal Auditors Fault State Test Security: Many Unusual Score Gains Not Investigated

The High Stakes of High-Stakes Testing

Testing Experts Say: Time to Evaluate Teacher Evaluations

Some Politicians Still Ignore Parents . . . . at Their Peril

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