Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Via Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Is the Lightning Rod for the Major Threat Science Poses to Creationists


Public education is a major enemy of creationism and intelligent design. Now the fears of these two camps are culminating around one person, the host of Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Intelligent design proponent and conspiracy blogger David Klingshoffer writes on Evolution News, the anti-evolution blog:
“Despite its increasingly undisguised axe-grinding, history-befogging, and faith-baiting excesses, there's no question that the rebooted  Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson will be turning up in classrooms as a 'supplement' to science education.”
Klingshoffer offers no evidence of this, simply that a few teachers posted on Facebook how excited they are about showing their science classes the Cosmos series when it is out on DVD.
It is a safe bet to assume that the popular, critically acclaimed show will turn up in classrooms across the country, and why shouldn’t it? Tyson does a great job of explaining science so that everyone can understand what makes science fun and exciting. 

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