Saturday, March 29, 2014

Via JMG: Matt Barber's Website: Bill Maher Should Be Publicly Whipped For Blasphemy

The post has rocketed around the net since yesterday.

"It think it’s time to bring back blasphemy laws. Bill Maher is known for being an offensive anti-Christian bigot. It’s his trademark. But this time he’s gone too far. He may have protection under the First Amendment to say whatever slanderous thing that comes out of his toilet bowl brain, but that does not mean Christians should turn the other cheek. Here is an example of how America once dealt with the likes of Bill Maher. 'By whipping; boaring thorow the tongue, with a red hot iron; or sitting upon the gallows with a rope about their neck; at the discretion of the court.' America is hanging on by a thin thread of long-suffering divine justice. The pugnacious degenerate Bill Maher may think blasphemy is a laughing matter. The nation of America may think it can hide behind the First Amendment. And Christians may falsely think they are demonstrating Christlike love by remaining quiet in the face of profligate profanity. But mark my word, a day of reckoning is coming." - Tristan Emmanuel, in a post on Matt Barber's website.

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