Tuesday, October 27, 2015

John Cleese in conversation with Eric Idle at Live Talks Los Angeles

Publicado em 22 de nov de 2014
We hosted John Cleese and Eric Idle at Live Talks Los Angeles on Nov. 18. The occasion: Cleese' memoir, "So, Anyway..." The venue, a sold crowd at the Alex Theatre. For more information on Live Talks Los Angeles, visit: www.livetalksla.org

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Bernie Sanders is not the president for me and let me tell you why.
I am years past college age so having a tax on Wall Street to pay for tuition-free university doesn’t affect me. I’m also not on any form of Social Security so his plan to raise the salary cap in order to increase Social Security has no bearing on my life. His criminal justice reform is an admirable, if not lofty, goal but, as a middle class white female, I have little to nothing to do with that system.

I like his high scores on environmental protection but I wont be around in 100 years so it doesn't affect my life if there are still trees or not. Hell I don’t even have kids, and my drinking water seems okay today so, again, not a game changer for me.

I’m self-employed so a minimum wage hike, family medical leave or strengthening the Unions will not affect my day to day life either. As far as equal rights, yes thats still a problem but again, I am a white, middle class woman who won the right to vote many years ago, and I set my own wages because I run my own business so I don’t really play a part in that fight either.

No Bernie Sanders is not the President for me.

He is the President for my parents scraping by on social security and out of control drug prices. He is the President for my nieces and nephews and friends kids who want to believe in the dream that if you work really hard you can go to college and contribute great things to this world. He is the President for our black brothers and sisters who have somehow been reduced to a less-than people by egregious headlines and political agendas until when a white person sees a black person dying in the street they see the color of their skin and not the red of the blood as it leaves their body. He is the President for the people working two and three jobs without benefits or fair pay so their slave masters can buy their third yacht or seventh home. He is also the President for the Latinos that have been born in America, raised in America and whose parents have contributed to the fabric of America through hard work in the same fields that provide our daily food but for a fraction of what would be considered fair pay or safe work conditions. He is the President for the gay kid in school getting beat up because his parents watch news stations that teach hate and division and make no mistake, kids learn that, and he IS the President for any person that cares about changing these horrific aspects of our great country and making this world we live in a better place.

He IS the President for the “We The People” that the Constitution of the United States was written for, and written about and he IS the President and he IS the Leader and he IS the Statesmen that the United States of America needs right now and thats why I am voting for Senator Bernie Sanders.

He is not the President for ME. He is the President for all of us.
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