Friday, March 4, 2016

Via Rob Cotton: To All The Baby Boomers Lecturing Us About Supporting Bernie Sanders

Thanks for the concern trolling. It’s nice to know you care.

What we really wish, however, is that you’d cared a little more when it mattered.

We wish you would have cared more in 1979, when a relatively decent man was our President, and he lost an election to a criminal who would go on to set in motion a revolution for the rich in this country.

You were too worried about the price of gasoline to keep him in office. 


Thank you also for failing to elect Mondale 4 years later when we really could have used the break as a nation from Reagan’s anti-poor, anti-justice, oligarchy-strengthening policies. Thanks a lot for that.
We understand. You were busy enjoying all that awesome ‘trickle down’ prosperity.

Oh, and thanks for Bush the 1st, and that first squabble with Saddam. Really cool. We’ve been fighting that unwinnable war ever since.

Thanks for the dude you elected next. You know, the husband of the person you support now, who repealed important legislation that, had it been left in place, could possibly have prevented the looming economic disaster of the following decade. He was also into bombing people (his wife seems to like it too, except when she’s campaigning).

Thanks for giving us Al Gore. Oh, I forgot. You guys gave us Bush the 2nd instead. Not like it would have made a difference at that point, as the things YOU allowed to happen had already woven themselves deeply into the fabric of our society.
I admit we helped with Obama. He talked a good game. After all, he’s one of you, and we trusted you, as we trusted him. Fool me once, I suppose.

Thanks, but no thanks for the help this time. We see what Clinton has to offer, and it’s more of the same. 

Step aside, and let us fix your mess.


The future.

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