Monday, February 27, 2017

Via Ram Dass

People think, “Oh, you’re being here now, you’re not being responsible,” and it’s in the sense that responsible means ‘time’ binding over past and future. However, all the past and future, everything you always were is in this moment, and all of your commitments for the future are in this moment. The fullness of this moment includes everything. It does not exclude past and future.

All we’re dealing with is the problem that the human mind clings, and the clinging of the human mind takes it into time and into space. It takes it away from the fullness of the moment, so that the most exquisite practice becomes something like the practice of the pasha, in which one keeps extricating oneself from identification with thoughts about past and future, noting them and then coming back to the present moment, the breath, which is just right there. It becomes easy.

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